monster webcam Of course, she is naked, how else! I heard Katya laughing at the pipe and some other unfamiliar man.
– Well, you made us all laugh, Dima, what kind of person you are.
– amid the voice of Tengiz, I heard the continuing laughter of my wife and seller, and some of their remarks, probably, about the nonsense I said, Okay, Dima, call back in the evening, we are now busy.
During this conversation, I almost forgot to tell Tengiz that my boss prepared documents for him.

He replied that he would call him back.
At seven o’clock in the evening I called home.
Tengiz picked up the phone: – Hi, Dima.
How are you? – Fine.
And you have.
I mean, how are you and Katya?
– Wonderful.
I sit in the kitchen, drink brandy, eat fruit, and Katya licks my eggs.
– How do licking eggs ?.
– As-as, climbed under the table, knelt down and licks.
– Why lick ?.
– for some reason, this topic with eggs drove me into a stupor, as soon as I introduced my wife under the table, licking the huge, hairy eggs of a Georgian.
Katya even never did this to me, and when she saw something like that in porn, she said that she did not understand how to lick eggs, because they are hairy. hidden cam gay porn
– Then, that I asked her, said that I would be pleased if she would lay me eggs while I drink brandy.

And apparently, she liked this activity: she no longer licks, but sucks them, – Tengiz grinned, – Did you want something? – Well, it is, find out when to me.
– it was so embarrassing to ask permission to return to his own house from his wife’s lover, – When can I come home? – What for? – I mean, why? I want Kate.
– Katya is now busy, – Tengiz was laughing at his thick bass, – And he is unlikely to be released soon.
Okay, just kidding.
What do you want from Katya: to fuck or lick her after me? “You ask me a strange question, Tengiz.”
– Not at all strange, just answer honestly.
Embarrassed, I muttered: – Well, both of them.
– No, and then, and the other will not work.
Katya and I consulted and decided that if you want to fuck her, then come now, do your job, then lie down in another room and sleep while we really fuck.
And then Katya will take a bath and you will have nothing to lick.
But if you want to lick her after me, then come tomorrow at eight in the morning, when we sleep in bed after sex: you will quietly enter the house, carefully, so as not to wake you up under the blanket and you can lick Katya to shine.

And there will be a lick that there, I do it so that she is from head to toe in my sperm.
Even I can suck, I will not wash too.
Only fucking Kate you will not be, she will get tired after me.
You’ll lick and jerk off.
Well, so which option do you choose? – And why it is impossible to combine these two options? I could have done this and that.
Besides, I would like to look at that.
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