sister webcam tube In these strings you looked very sexy today.
Now, wear such panties every day! Let’s continue the collaboration – and we will forget about the file that could ruin your life.
Give me your mobile number “A few minutes later came the answer.
“555-555-12-12” “Can you write SMS?” “Yes” “Excellent” “On Monday, put some colored panties on the school.

If you do not have them – buy.
Also, wear a short light skirt and a red sweater.
After a MINUTE after you enter the class, look at your mobile, turn off the sound and IMMEDIATELY read my message.
If you do not cooperate, the video will become public on Monday.
YOU’RE ALL CLEAR !? “” Yes. “On Monday, friends told Anton that Tatyana Petrovna did, in fact, put on a tight short skirt with a light stripe and a red blouse.
Anton sent her a text message.
“What will happen today in the 7th lesson?” The answer came immediately.
“Chapter 12 Review.
Then, individual work on assignments “” Cool.
Remember to hold the phone in your hand. ”
Anton could not wait for a lesson!

Upon entering the class, Tatyana Petrovna bent over the table again, laying papers on it and exposing the tips of the red panties sticking out from under the skirt.
Damn, how easy it all was! For a brief moment, she forgot that she needed to hold the phone in her hand, but, to the relief of Anton, she remembered this before the start of the lesson.
“Sit on the table during the review.
Hold the phone in front of the book. ”Tatyana Petrovna executed the command, crouching on the teacher’s desk and holding the phone next to the textbook. nicollebelle anal webcam
A short skirt slightly propped up, exposing the luxurious legs of the teacher to the middle of her thighs.
“Cross your legs,” wrote Anton.
Glancing at the phone for a moment, Tatiana Petrovna laid her right leg on her left, revealing her right thigh even more.
In a few minutes.
“Let the skirt go higher.
More frogs “Englishwoman hesitated for a moment – and fidgeted on the table, so that the skirt almost completely opened the right thigh.

The skirt practically crumpled up the crotch, giving the class the opportunity to admire the long slender legs of a mature woman.
“Take away the textbook – it closes too much.”
Tatyana Petrovna put the book on the table and the phone on the book, giving a free look at their feet.
“Fuck, your legs are gorgeous! Now stop crossing them.”
The teacher obeyed, trying to keep her legs together – but for a moment her red panties became visible.
“Let me skirt up.
Spread your legs”.
Tatyana Petrovna allowed her legs to disperse a little, but since her skirt was still a little uprooted, the pupils could see the edge of her crotch covered with red thongs.
“Wider” slight wobble.
Finally, the cool teacher relaxed her legs and spread her knees by twenty centimeters.
Now almost the entire class could see red silk panties.
“MORE!” Tatyana Petrovna, with a reddened face, let out a heavy sigh, looking at the phone, widely spread her knees, fidgeted in search of balance, and her cunt covered with red silk became visible to the whole class.

Even Anton, from his back desk, could see the pubis covered with a cloth, and, as a bonus, a few brown hairs knocking out from under the edges of the panties.
“Cool! How hot you are !!! Keep on in this position for fifteen minutes.”
Anton turned off the “sms” mode and turned on the “video” mode, removing the sex teacher of the senior classes, shamelessly showing her panties to the class, spreading her legs.
The teacher’s voice was interrupted – as if she found it difficult to concentrate on the subject of the lesson.
By the middle of the lesson, Tatyana Petrovna finished the review.
Without new sms from Anton, she got up, straightened her skirt and wrote a task on the board, standing with panties protruding under a tight skirt.
As always, Tatyana Petrovna said that each student should write one paragraph and give it to her for immediate verification.
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