webcam hot online It all began with a solemn parade of participants entering the hall from the back of the audience and passing through a special podium to the stage for a general construction.
Each of the applicants was dressed in a uniform – blue panties (and only) with a number attached to them, looking at which it was possible to clarify on the scoreboard on the stage – who is their happy owner.
However, porn models in the semi-naked form under the light of searchlights and in the presence of the masses to the people was a common professional matter.
Then, after the “Parade – Alla” the guys held backstage and on the stage they played the lottery and started a small improvised concert, without closing the scoreboard of the competition from public viewing.

In the meantime, the competitors had to pass the main tests that were conducted away from the eyes of the spectators in the back rooms of the building. webcam sister tube

Strict doping control consisted in the obligatory drinking of a glass with some kind of acidic liquid, and then the doctor – specialist took blood from a vein for express analysis.

While the drunk liquid was absorbed by the body, each of the applicants in the order of assigned numbering, passed the control measurements of their genitals, and this procedure was already familiar to me by acceptance tests, only had to sign the measurement results in a protocol, confirming their agreement and validity of the data, which immediately appeared on the scoreboard in the hall, warming up the interests of the public, who knows about the size of the issue.
After the measurement, the participant came back to the doping control table and donated the accumulated urine for analysis for the presence of excitatory substances.
It was necessary, because experienced participants who were not entirely clear at hand could well have outstripped honest competitors by giving themselves a dose of the causative agent and having received illegally so desired first prize or at least hitting the number of awards.
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