beaglebone black webcam When he finished, the Master rose from the old woman and urinated on her face.
The man patted the elderly woman on the cheeks, then turned her over on her stomach.
After checking how the stun gun works, the executioner bent over his victim.
Resting the tips of the stun gun on the lower back of the woman, he pressed a button.

The old woman’s body twitched from the shock of the current, she began to sob from the pain.
The sadist pulled the victim’s hand away and stuck the stun gun just below the armpits.
This time, after the electric shock, the elderly woman came to herself and screamed loudly.
She tried to rise, but the executioner, putting her foot on her back, pressed the victim to the floor.
The owner began to apply a stun gun to his body, spread on the floor and pressed by his mother’s foot, watching her body beating, writhing and writhing under the blows of current.

What a wild feeling of excitement and irrepressible cruelty awoke in him, he again and again stuck the ends of a stun gun into white, supple flesh and pressed a button. beaglebone black webcam
A few minutes later, the old woman pissed and fainted, she no longer responded to current shocks, only her body, convulsively shuddered.
The executioner brought her to her senses.
– Well, grandma, did you like it? – Yes, Master.
– croaked the old woman.
– Do you want to continue, old cow? “Yes, Master, punish me, old whore,” she croaked.
– Show me the creature, how to punish you! The elderly woman, with a heavy sigh, put it on her neck and tightened the noose, she crawled up to her tormentor on her knees, and took the other end of the rope in her hands and extended it to him.
– That’s the same, let’s continue.

The executioner pulled the rope.
The torture lasted about an hour; the sadist then strangled his victim a little, forcing her to stand on tiptoes while beating him with a whip, then he tightened the noose so that the old woman’s tongue fell out of her mouth, and she herself, involuntarily, pissed off.
The elderly woman fainted several times, and then the sadist fucked her, and then the stun gun and the whip were used.
But, in spite of all the tortures, the old woman, several times, experienced a strong orgasm.
The man, himself, said that the stronger and more perverted the sufferings and humiliations that he inflicts on his mother, the greater the pleasure she receives, and the more humble she becomes, the stronger she loves him — her Master.
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