cheating wife caught on webcam Awakened by a loud phone call, I did not immediately understand where I was – my room had changed so much.
“Slept a long time” – I thought, looking at the wall clock.
And out of the half-closed door to the living room, my aunt’s laughter was heard.
Hi Mary, – Jenny greeted her with her telephone companion – Amanda did not deceive you, – Count up, you stood with Molly in front of my house and stared at Tommy in the diaper.

Having guessed that Jenny remembered the two girls’ bedrooms standing in front of the window, I blushed deeply.
It was especially insulting to realize that while I was sleeping, nothing had changed – I was still wearing a disposable diaper.
I put my hand under the blanket and began to feel the diaper, wet to my dismay.
“Of course I woke up wet, since she doesn’t let me go to the toilet,” I thought resentfully.
Eight years, ”Jenny told an unfamiliar companion my age,“ Nephew.
Sister left for a month.
There was a short pause.
No, my sister is too late for the pot, but she still taught her, ”Jenny began to explain.“ But he still wets the bed at night.

She Tommy diapers do not seem to wear, but in vain.
So, like him, they need to be worn around the clock.
Imagine what he gave me today in a children’s store.
He took and crap in on all.
And as at the same time wrote in his pants.
The worst thing was without a diaper – we just went to that store to buy them.
“I made everything myself” – I thought offended, listening to my aunt describing my embarrassment in detail.
Well, how to treat him after that? – Jenny pretended to sigh, – Just like a nursery kid who needs diapers. teen group sex cam
Tommy and I now have such an agreement: if he wakes up wet in the morning, he wears diapers all day like a nursery.
Jenny closed my door, although I still heard her voice.
By the way, I decided not to limit myself to diapers, ”continued my aunt,“ I bought a lot of different things there in the store: nipples, bottles, etc.
Fully turn the boy into the nursery baby.
For half a minute there was silence.
Wow – Jenny exclaimed in surprise, – Did you punish yours too?

And I still could not understand why he was dressed so strangely a month ago.
Jenny laughed again.
I just wanted to ask you where you bought those sliders, ”she continued,“ Your Danny looked so cool in them.
I’d Tommy wear those too.
“Are there few pants with harness she bought for me? – offended thought.
I, – Does he even want to dress like a baby? ”I thought that on the Internet,” said Jenny, “It is clear that they don’t sell such sliders in regular stores.
The cunning tone of the aunt made me alert.
I have no doubt that these sliders will be Tommy, ”she said,“ He was born with yours one summer.
And growth like the same.
“This is just not enough” – I thought with displeasure.
Do you still have baby clothes? – Jenny perked up, – Of course, bring it.
What will be the street walk.
“Well, it’s all,” I thought, almost choking with indignation, “It’s one thing to walk in the diaper at home and quite another to stroll down the street in large-sized sliders.”
Yes, even now you can come, – said Jenny to her interlocutor, – I will show you our hmm.

And baby too.
Now wake up – no doubt that in a wet diaper.
After talking on the phone for another couple of minutes, Jenny hung up.
“Everyone will show me now” – I thought, dissatisfied that my aunt invited guests.
About ten minutes later the bell rang to the same.
Hi, – answered an unfamiliar woman.
Daughters also led? – Jenny grinned. – Well, come through.
I remembered the girls standing under our window.
Molly and I saw yours.
– I heard a thin girlish voice.
Kindergarten toddler? – my aunt finished for the girl and everyone laughed together.
Yeah, – answered the girlish voice younger.
Well you could see everything? – Jenny asked with a laugh.
Very good, ”the older girl laughed.
Remembering the two sisters again, I thought that judging by the voices, the older one was called Amanda, and the younger one was Molly.
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