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What else liked it.
– Mom, I found you have one toy (I can not tell my mother a member of his name) and tried it.
Forgive me.

Mom blushes, turns away.

He takes out a bottle of brandy, pours himself only and drinks it in one gulp.
Then he rises abruptly, takes my hand and leads me to her room.
Opens the door of the mirror and pulls out another phallus, only smaller.
– This one? – No, – I show on the wardrobe.
– From there.
Mom gets my recent partner.
I nod my head.
– Crappy girl.
He is too big for you: I am saved by a doorbell.
Lenka came.
– Good evening, Svetlana Sergeevna, – she addresses to my mother.
June 25th.
Wake up late.
Lenka stayed with us.
We talked to her at midnight.
Kissing, playing with their pussies. webcams live sex cams
In the morning Lenka ran home.
I’m afraid to look at my mother.
– Let’s go shopping, you need to buy new clothes.
Yes, and I, the worse? In the evening you will get yours.
I throw on her neck, hug and kiss.
– Do not lick, get dressed.
All day went on shopping.
I bought a swimsuit, jeans, sarafan and summer shoes.

Picked up beautiful lingerie.
Mom also updated her wardrobe.
In the evening we sat in the kitchen.
I listened to my mother’s notation, did not object and promised to be obedient.
27th of June.
In the morning Lenka and I left on the train.
Hour drive and we are in place.
Large room with two beds.
We immediately moved them together and it turned out almost the royal bed.
Began to disassemble things.
– Close your eyes, – Lenka got something out of the bag.
– Now open it.
Before my eyes, the phallus of only smaller sizes appeared almost the same as at home.
– From where? – Parents stole.
– You will fall again.
– Nothing, not the first time.
I tried for both of us.
Have you seen this? It works on batteries.
I shook my head, I could not admit that I had a big cock before leaving.
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