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The amount of my seed surprised my sister, she did not have time to swallow her.
She was very beautiful at this moment, and I wanted the sperm not to stop pouring out of me in a continuous stream.
After a dozen shots, it was all over.

Our intimate places were still tense.
We teased each other a little, nibbling and sucking on the burning places.
But, feeling some pain, they were freed from each other and lay satisfied, deciding to rest a bit and then continue.
I told her how much I loved her because she caressed me and allowed me to pour into her pleasant mouth.
She also gave me thanks, remembering how I caressed her.
I lost count of what we did with her that day afterwards.
Much that we came up with then, we use and now, becoming adults.
M yes.
And here.
Oh well.
– Lesh.
– Fi.
A group of children-dancers Milan was recruited by the deputies Ruslan after his instructions.

They ordered the employees of its shopping centers to bring the children to class, promising to pay.
The bus gathered children from all over the city and brought a dance class adorned with balls.
Milan, confident that the children came to the ad in the newspapers, in the shops, at the entrances, without counting on anything, waited for the students in rehearsal form with a tape recorder.
She was convinced that she would still have to run around nearby schools and kindergartens.
Excitedly joyful, she took more than 20 children. webcam multiple orgasm
The first lesson came to an end when Ruslan entered.
The sight of a stern man embarrassed the guys, they stopped in the middle of the lesson.
Milana looked at him reproachfully and raised her eyebrows in a pleading manner.
She had such a funny-important look that, grinning and knocking on the watch face, he went out and sat down among the waiting moms.
For the first classes, all students were paid, later they encouraged only diligent and talented ones – such was the condition of Ruslan.

Doubting Milan, he taught the basics of team and business management, a conscientious student listened to him and trusted in everything.
Ruslan liked Milana’s new status as a manager and his employee, he rightly believed that this would distract her from unnecessary thoughts and unnecessary searches and tie her to him.
She was now busy in the evenings, they often returned home together and discussed their work.
Although he was against it, she continued to perform with fellow students in front of a drunken chewing public.
He did not insist, agreeing that she needed some freedom from him and independence.
She no longer tolerates full control of herself – and he resigned.
In the early days of their cooperation, she secretly bought and put in place an anal gel for sex.
Somehow she lay down in front of the TV on the stomach, and a short combination, with her legs up, exposed the perfect shape of the buttocks.

He put down the newspaper and slapped it on that perfect white uniform.
She looked at him pointedly and turned away.
He ran his hand between the buttocks, she spread her legs.
After a second, his finger twisted around her, she bent over relaxedly.
Here is his oiled penis tightly enters her oiled ass.
Without emotion, she reservedly accepted his penetration, leaning towards him and showing no signs of pain.
For a second, only for a second, the thought again came to him that it was a pity that he was not.
The sensations of her elasticity and crampiness were so excellent that he fully surrendered to them.
He then took out the penis, again plunging it all the way, then rubbed it between the buttocks, then attached it between warm thighs and rubbed on the half-opened lower lips, then again easily entered the soft anus.
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