hidden camera sex maid Another wave of sensations flooded my head and I could not resist.
I so wanted to see him and have him, that I couldn’t endure the strength anymore.
I began to unfasten the belt on his jeans, a button and a zipper.
Since I seized the initiative, Gleb found himself in the role of a follower, but he did not lag behind.

I already skipped his jeans and tried to slip my hand under the gum of his bottoms.
“Klim, do not hurry.
Let’s just lie down, “said Gleb.
How could I disagree? We laid a blanket on the grass, which I constantly carry with me for such cases.
Gleb took off his jeans, I put on my trousers and we lay down on the plaid, never ceasing to caress each other.
I know that many people like to caress them through the thin fabric of the booties.
I tried to give pleasure to Gleb in full.
My hand slowly began to float on the tubercles that stood out through its melting.
Here is a long and thick cock, so he crowned with a head, here is the rounded outline of the testicles, I felt.

I even through the matter felt that his penis was already very hot.
I so wanted to touch him, but a little refusal in the first attempt stopped me.
I just indicated my desire, having a little ottyanuv rezinochku his bottoms and asked:
– Yes.
Gleb answered.
Dreams come true in reality.
For a moment I pulled away from this perfection, sat down on my knees and pulled off the last obstacle from Gleb, which separated me from the object of my lust.
What a sight it was. beretta bongacams
What a beautiful member bestowed on the nature of my pet.
In proportion to the folded, long and at the same time, quite thick, ending with a solid head, which is already reddened by a large rush of blood.
I did not even imagine that such beauty could exist in the world.
I still do not come across such harmoniously composed members even in very expensive porn films with the participation of stars.
On the tip of the head, several droplets of the juice of Gleb’s young body had already protruded.

I settled down comfortably between his legs and slowly savoring him began to play with his tongue with droplets of his juice.
Then my tongue went over the bridle and dropped to the testicles.
Gleb grabbed my head and gently pressed down on the back of my head.
It was a signal for more action.
I wrapped my arms around his trunk and testicles and eagerly swallowed his wonderful head with my mouth.
Blowjob is my horse.
Many have told me that I am good at it.
Without releasing the head from my mouth, I quickly moved the tongue along the bridle, changing pressure.
Easy at first, and then stronger.
Rotating tongue around his head.
And most importantly – lips, lips, lips.
Very quickly Gleb reached the highest point, but stopped me again.
We silently changed places and now I felt the beauty of real male sex.
By Gleb’s inept actions, I realized that he was also a novice.
So, for real, he probably for the first time.

I decided that he should remember everything in the brightest colors.
After all, I remember very well when I was the first time with a guy.
It depends a lot on the first partner.
Will the boy have same-sex love to be associated with something bright and pleasant, or vice versa.
Now I had a double feeling.
On the one hand, the joy that surged from the fact that I was the first to have Gleb, and on the other hand, I simply had to make sure that it was impossible to drag him away from his dick afterwards.
After all, he will now be mine.
Necessarily will.
I hope so.
I silently raised myself and offered Gleb to get up.
He rose, and I sat down on his knees before him.
“I want you to cum straight in my mouth,” I said, and again wrapped my lips around his wonderful head.
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