top webcam couples The armies in which, thanks to the specifics of the troops, some special, almost fraternal relations between the servicemen prevailed, very vividly reminding me of a real male friendship with my father.
Army with endless “Fizo” and VSK, exercises, jumps, many kilometers of marches, drills and outfits.
With constant hunger and the timeless program “Time”.
The army was located near the North-Crimean – then the dirty and dirty little town, which I had passed so many times in my voyages to the sea, completely ignoring.

Here, for the first time, I did not feel like an overgrowth, for in our part from around the immense Union there were gathered about the same guys, distinguished only by their nationality, height, type, and proportionality of figures.

The only thing that distinguished me from the rest of the first months of service was my extraordinary root, like everyone who had spilled out of the underpants in the mornings (who had a button only on the belt) in an oak strut, who admired someone, embarrassed someone, but all served as a source of good-natured jokes and teasing.

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He competed in size only with male pride of a slightly more compact one-year-old Ossetian.
The army, by and large, became my school of life, as if it did not sound pompous, tempered physically and morally, having accustomed to self-discipline and order.
It was in her that I first encountered directly such a concept as “duty”, better recognized my positive sides and leveled out the too bulging boyish ego, understood the importance and value of the ability to behave with others humanly.
The difficulties of the army, like nothing else, quickly reveal the inherent rottenness of the soul, its baseness and pettiness.
But they bring together, make friends, making it easier to endure apparent or obvious injustice, put up with a grin with all the limitations and primitiveness of the soldiers’ service, giving rise in the soul to feelings of ownership and responsibility for their actions.
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