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And the belly in the folds.
– Where? – Ivan Abramych pursed his stomach.
It was a sore subject.

– And this? Type biceps, yes? – Malva tried to grab him by the fold, but he bounced.
– And a beard.
Karabas-Barabas! And bald head.
– Malva! This topic was even more painful.
“Is her name Malva too?” Baldness Malva? Hi, namesake! – Malva attempted to stroke Ivan Abramych on the top of his head.
Her eyes were no longer blue, but really purple.
A minute later, she flew out of his apartment like a bullet, dressing on the run.
– And do not come! And do not call the door! And your tits here are not cowards! – yelled naked Ivan Abramych, howling from melancholy.
He hated himself in such a stupor, but to get out of it was even harder than to calm down.
Slamming the door, he sat down on the floor, sat down, then got dressed and went out into the street.

Old ladies watched him go.
He came to his senses in the park.
The legs themselves brought it to the bench and threw the body there, as a boring load.
“Uffff,” the body exhaled.
“From whom did I escape?” None other than yourself, you fool, ”thought Ivan Abramych, looking at the sky.
– What, a girl had a falling out? – someone asked near.
For a minute Ivan Abramych looked at the boy, then simply nodded and leaned back.
– She’s a bitch, huh? – continued the lad.
“Yes,” said Ivan Abramych suddenly and became angry again.
– Well, and spit! She is not worth you.
Just think, Malvina !.
– Malvina? – shouted Ivan Abramych.
– How do you know? Overheard, nit? Spied, right? He jumped up and darted away, not listening to the offended boy.
() After walking about three hundred meters, he collapsed in an outdoor cafe chair and began to tear threads from his shirt (a bad childhood habit). perfect tits cam girl
It seemed to him that the whole city was aware of what a fool he was.
– Allow?

To him hooked a whore.
Ivan Abramych did not allow, but simply did not know how to prohibit.
– Well.
We are so upset.
What are we sad about? Okay, not like a bazaar – not a bazaar.
With me you will be fucked.
I’m not any there, I don’t have a blue glow around my head, but.
– You all agreed, huh? – Ivan Abramych jumped up, knocking over a chair.
There was no peace.
He attached himself to other cafes, but in one someone shouted – “Karabas-Barabas!”.
“(He did not have time to understand that this cafe is so called), in another he slipped an advertisement for extreme hair dyes.
All of Odessa knew about his misfortune and laughed at her as only she knows how to laugh.
Even the blue sky seemed to him a mean hint.
Entering his courtyard, he was not surprised when he caught the quiet granny: – Now there will be a story.
– Ivan Abramych! I like you brother !.
– caught him Mironenko in the corridor.
– Sits, understand?

By the room.
I beg you, my dear.
Tormented calf.
Talk to her.
Ivan Abramitch thought and nodded.
Twenty minutes later he was in the room Malva.
“Malva,” he called.
The blue head turned to him.
She wanted to be angry and majestic – but her eyes stumbled over her beard, painted in a bright blue color, and her cheeks crawled to the sides.
– Oh.
“Yeah,” said Ivan Abramych.
– Now I am not just Karabas-Barabas.
Now I am Bluebeard.
For a minute or more, Mallow struggled with her cheeks, trying to get angry.
But she could not, snorted – and immediately with relief threw herself around his neck.
Pink nose stuck in a red Adam’s cage, Ivan Abramych, blue beard – in blue curls; happy Malva jumped up and down, rubbed against him, squeezed to the crunch – and she bellowed like an abnormal one, and she bellowed along with her.
Papa Mironenko was peeking at the back, ready to throw a tear.
“Telyatko,” he whispered.

My “theses” approved.
Arcadia I seduced elementary.
I lured him to a restaurant where he regularly dropped out, pressed a hot thigh to his leg at the table, he began stroking my knees, I spread my legs apart.
After that, my companion began to stroke the inner surface of my thigh, and I caressed his penis over the pants.
When the dances began, the light in the hall was made intimate, I drew my partner to a corner where the light was completely lost.
I started dancing, stagnating, not allowing me to turn my back to the hall, so that Arkasha would completely block me from dancing and having dinner with his figure.
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