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»The elevator doors opened – and on its threshold was not the man whom Marina represented as her rapist.
There were not a couple of guys with a brazen look and a couple of three of the stored seals.
Even an intelligent, quiet man, whose innate modesty and conservative upbringing, retained his innocence until this time, despite the fat end in a hand and a half long, exhausted by years of abstinence and pollutions – and that did not happen in the arriving elevator either.
There was nobody there at all.
The metal container on the ropes brought in a void and utter futility.
Marina sighed.
She never tried the elevator.
Although there were opportunities.
Something hurt.
Psychologists probably know what it was, in what form and in what quantities it stopped – only it was not known to all these lovers to pick it up with an unwashed finger in other people’s souls what to do with this kind of difficulty.

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Marina pressed the necessary floor button.
After a pause almost at Stanislavsky, the elevator gracefully folded the gnashing metal doors and began to ascend.
Marina looked at the booth.
“Yes, but it would not hurt to clean up here.
Although, the grafitti is even nothing, ”she thought, considering the modern rock art left in the elevator by the nameless artist.
Scrawl, as it should, were completely unreadable, but, undoubtedly, were a true work of urban art, which, far from the authorities, indulged in the garage walls of a variety of informals.
Ugliness, in one word.
But Marina, these squiggles, produced by the balloon and puberty stupidity, oddly enough, like.
There was some kind in them.
Reckless, aimless, and probably unnecessary – but just that, absolutely Marina didn’t have enough liberties.
When she seemed forever to unleash this and start dating another boy.
Masha was embraced by the familiar feeling of excitement.
Now, standing on the landing with Pavel, she anticipated how she would call her boyfriend again and talk about some nonsense.

She could not do anything with herself, she was strongly turned on when she could be caught during the betrayal.
She looked at Paul’s sports pants, and more precisely at the member, whose shape guessed them.
Then she picked up the phone and dialed Andrew.
– Hi, sweetie.
I missed you, she said on the phone to her boyfriend.
– Hello.
How are you there? – Nothing.
Here, went to a friend.
In the meantime, Paul’s hand lay on the back of her head, insistently offering to drop to her knees.
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