webcam mi He gradually increased the pace.
She shuddered inside, he felt that she would come soon.
But he did not intend to deliver such pleasure to Polina.
Suddenly he came out of her.

Polina froze for a moment, then twisted her ass to find his dick again.

– At attention, fucking! – Andrei slapped her in the reddest place.
Easy, but she had enough.
She whimpered subtly, whether from pain, or from disappointment, but submissively she stood with her legs bent at the knees, her legs sticking out her booty and the crotch shining with grease, smooth as a girl’s.
With her cheek she lay on the back of the chair, her boobs hanging out.
Andrei took one breast in his hand, then another.
He crushed, squeezed, leisurely investigated the form, elasticity, size.
Twisted nipples, giving them shape. webcam porn vk
Polina was trembling, her face was wet, but her eyes remained attentively focused, as if she was afraid to miss another team.
Andrei rudely removed her from the chair and sat down in it.
She stood in front of him, waiting, panting.

Brown nipples stuck out, a drop of sweat flowed between her breasts.
– Let’s mouth, dear! – ordered Andrey.
Polina knelt before Andrei, raised her head, looked into his eyes.
Took a member of the palm at the base.
Touched her lips to the head, pulled her into, further and further.
Andrew found a nipple, strongly pinched him.
Polina closed her eyes, moaned hollowly, putting her mouth to her cock.
Andrei took her hair and started roughly moving her head up and down, helping herself with her hips and squeezing her nipple in time with the movements.
Polina moaned abruptly in a low voice, her cheeks puffed out.
How long has he dreamed of fucking this bitchy bitch in his mouth! And now it could not last long.
A few more movements, and shot the sperm.
Andrei firmly pressed Polina’s head against himself, ending right in her throat, forcing her to swallow everything, much, without a trace.
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