webcam teen clips And Sasha became a domestic bitch, Oksana’s slave and sometimes Ani, carried out their orders, even the most perverted, lived in a cage, walked on a leash and ate dry food like a real dog.
But Anya did not calm down, she wanted to forget everything that connected her memories of that brutal rape.
And a few weeks later, a fire broke out in their area: Mitya’s car and the garage were on fire, the same garage where Anya was raped, naturally, everything looked like a simple accident.
After that, Anya began to live a real life, Oksana got her a good job as director of one of her stores.

Later, Anya met a new man who truly loved her.
A couple of years later she got married and took a newborn girl from Baby’s house, which she called Oksana, in honor of the one who pulled her out of this hell and helped to become happy.
Ride on vacation 3.
Winter vacation.
Denis and Natasha came out of the gate arriving at Sheremetyevo Airport 2.

Daddy! – Natasha shouted and rushed to the neck of Victor, who came to meet the children at the airport.
Almost half a year has passed since that wonderful summer vacation during which their family became much closer to each other.
Natasha smacked daddy on the cheek.
Hello Hello.
With the arrival of you.
– Dad said – How was your flight? Everything is good.
– answered Denis.
Victor embraced Denis, took the bag from him and everyone headed for the exit to the parking lot.
Mom was already waiting for you.
– said Victor.
– Yes, I am too.
– he added.
Yes, Skype communication is not a substitute for a real meeting.
– Natasha giggled.
It must be said that after the children left for France at the end of the summer, the family found an alternative to their meetings.
Although the children lived in different rooms of the boarding house at the college, they sometimes spent the night at each other’s room.

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And in those evenings, the parents enjoyed looking at the computer screen while their children indulged in amorous joys.
Victor and Jeanne did not remain in debt, and these “orgies” happened quite often.
It was the end of December and there was a strong frost in Moscow.
The children, arriving from the south of France where they studied, were dressed not quite according to the weather.
Denis was dressed more or less warmly – in jeans and a jacket, but Natasha.
Natasha was wearing a black mini skirt with cuts on the sides and stiletto sandals.
From above, she threw on a beige leather jacket under which was a white top that barely covered her chest.
Natasha did not wear even stockings.
Victor looked skeptically at her outfit and mumbled.
Well, you and vyryadilas.
You did not watch the weather? Daddy, what are you? It’s warm in the car.
And if it is cold, Denis will warm me.
Good thing dad parked the car right next to the exit.

While he was packing in the trunk, the children were already in the backseat.
Denis hugged his sister and embraced began to move his hands dispersing blood.
Dad sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine.
Gently handing back the car flowed into the stream of cars that stretched to the exit.
When the car drove away from the airport, the traffic became lighter and Victor added gas.
A couple of days before the arrival, there was a clear snowball and everything around was white and joyful.
Looking at the children in the rearview mirror, he did not forget about the movement, but in his thoughts he wanted to be near them.
Natasha and Denis were already kissing in a hickey and Denis’s hand was already squeezing her sister’s chest under her jacket.
She, in turn, did not lag behind and gently rubbed a member of his brother through jeans.
There was still time before coming home and the children wanted to have fun.

Denis lowered his hand and ran his sister over her short skirt.
Natasha did not wear panties, and therefore Denis’s fingers immediately appeared in her sister’s wet pussy.
Guys, so not fair.
Said the father.
– Natasha, think about me.
– He added a joke.
But Natasha did not think to joke.
Of course daddy.
She purred.
Natasha squeezed between the seats and reaching for the lever on the passenger seat pulled her over.
The back of the seat lay back to form a small lounger.
Natasha, kneeling down, placed herself on it and stretched the handles to the swatch on the father’s trousers.
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