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Damn what I’m saying.
She does not understand.

it’s too late and be more determined.

In the end, you can justify the fact that I checked it.
– I see it turns you on very much, Zaurchik.
And she lifted herself up, trying to look into my eyes, but the glasses hindered her – Yes, she turns me on.
– do not fool, I am your wife.
Are you crazy? I tried to see the facial expressions of her face, but it was very difficult.
I did not know her red face from the sun or anger.
– you have not made a discovery.
I know that you are my wife.
But admit it honestly, you had so much that you liked someone so much that you wanted to surrender to him – you have a fever, my dear. my mom on webcam
Go plunge into the pool.
– Yes, everything is in order, do not start.
We have a friendly conversation.
And I swear, no matter how you answer, it will not change anything.
She put her head and turned away.
Yeah, I thought.
If you thought about it, it meant it.
But I wondered if she recognized that or not.

And suddenly, after a short pause, she said something, yes.
It was – and more than once probably – leave me alone.
And a spiteful smile appeared on her face.
– but thoughts do not count, though Zaur is, of course, my joy.
How are things going with these guys? – they are children – so what.
Doesn’t a little thought run through your head like two young, virgin bodies trembling tremblingly.
– two? She asked, surprised, and you liked some of them separately.
My wife raised her head to carefully consider them again.
– well, both are cute, although one of them is a bit overweight, but pretty.
Listen, so you got up, and she smiled.
You’re really so wound up from our conversation.
– and you are not excited? – so what if you invite them to us so that they can fuck me? – if you want this?
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