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I say, well, all the good of such a thing will not happen again, but I myself think that once again I’ll drive a man.
I come and there already John I went to pizza I went to eat pizza you like girls they went, took a taxi arrived we ate pizza ate I go out the street I went to the taxi driver the chef here in the vicinity can be removed from the apartment he tells my friend I know my apartment I say otzakonisyu ask hut free he called yes now to him we finish the keys we need to take the document to leave a pledge I speak student bribe without a bazaar yes I probably go into a pizzeria say guys now met a taxi driver good Dyatka he kent I already hutted the hut over the keys to go see the girls you looked at each other now we’re going to go go to the toilet I sat down with John and let my girlfriend go hot and you and Katya are fine from the toilet, I ask how we eat, they eat.

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