exposed webcams review Katka lay down on the bed, spreading her legs wide – so at ease, as if she had played “gene memory” in her, as if she had already done it dozens, hundreds of times! I bent over her stomach, seeking in the immediate vicinity to see all the beauty of her maiden body.
ABOUT! They really were beautiful! The plump lips spread out to the sides, and between them two more lips turned pink, but already smooth and shiny, and slightly shriveled, like two rose petals.
They were also slightly opened, and between them, at the very bottom, the hole darkened.
It was small, but surprisingly alluring, calling into its incomprehensible depth.

And at the top, completing the magical picture, it was already clearly sticking out like a tiny penis.
I brought my trembling hand to this wealth, but only touched the wet inner lips with my fingers, as I felt a powerful tide at the bottom of my own stomach! “I’m finishing now!” – I thought with horror and recoiled from Katka.

Having rested a little and resisted the urge to ejaculation, I slowly began to bring the head of the penis closer to Katka’s crotch.
Here, at last, the thin peel of the head touched the satin bud of Katkina with an open pipka.
I pressed, quite a bit, and the head went straight into the mysterious hole, covering it like a cork.
The desire to push the head there, and then the whole member completely became so irresistible and wild that I almost gave in to it, forgetting about everything in the world. top rated webcam girls
But Katka suddenly so loudly began to cry, almost with a groan, that I immediately came to my senses and pulled back the member.
And on time! Immediately he, unable to withstand the insane tension, twitched in steam-xism of passion, and on Katkin a bare belly splashed out with a long tourniquet a white jet of sperm.
– Oh! – screamed Katka.
– Oh oh oh!!! And sperm flowed and flowed on it.
It was my first such a long and abundant eruption! – Do not move! – I shouted to my sister, fearing that sperm will drain from her belly to the bedspread.

Katka froze, staring at the living geyser.
Finally, the crazy pushes stopped, and the whitish liquid, dripping a couple more times on Katkin’s stomach, dried up.
– Wow!!! – enthusiastically whispered Katka.
– What is it ?! And why?! Instead of answering, I ran to the bathroom for a rag.
More than anything, I was now afraid that my parents would suddenly come back and find naked Katka, smeared with my sperm! For some reason I was almost sure that this would happen! I shook my rag with shaking hands and rushed back to the bedroom.
Katya still lay motionless, gleaming with her belly filled with sperm.
Her legs were still divorced, the whole button was in full view, but for some reason I didn’t want to look at her now.
I quickly began to wipe the sperm, but more smeared than wiped.
I had to run to rinse a rag, go back, run again.
Finally, Katka was clean.
I sighed wearily, sat down next to her.
Just now I remembered that I was still naked.

Katya was no longer lying, but sat on the bed and stared at my penis in all eyes.
Yet he impressed her! Although at that moment he was small again.
– BUT.
can i touch it – asked Kate.
I, frankly, no longer wanted something like that, or rather, didn’t want at all.
But I also did not want to offend my sister, who gave me such happy moments.
Yes, and the fear of the return of the parents was as fast as rolled.
Only half past eight! Yes, they did not return before noon for anything! “Touch it,” I said, spreading my legs.
A member hung between my thighs a little sausage.
Katka took it carefully with two fingers and raised it.
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