how to take a picture with my webcam Licked her huge fat buttocks, slid tongue in a deep hollow between them.
– I love when I lick ass! – she moaned contentedly, – Yes: yes: like this: great !!! All this time I barely restrained the intensity of my passions, but now I felt that I could not, and deciding not to torture myself, I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled my sufferer from prison, began to furiously masturbate him.
“I want to watch you jerk off,” Nadezhda Mikhailovna said right away.
I had to get up and take a position convenient for her review.

She remained lying down without changing her position and watched my actions with enthusiasm.
_ Oh, what a big and fat dick !!! – she exclaimed.
I slowly slid my hand along the entire length of the elastic trunk, allowing Nadezhda Mikhailovna to enjoy what he saw.
In a circular motion, he caressed the swollen purple prick, and with the fingers of his other hand crumpled the heavy eggs.
The pose of Nadezhda Mihailovna, the sight of her collapsed pussy and asses, gave me even more pleasant feelings.
For a moment, I noticed that Lyudmila, as enchanted, was looking at my rearing dick, obviously feeling a desire for a rapprochement, and I even wanted to fuck her up to the aches of eggs, but at the moment this was excluded and all I could do now was just fuck her mom.

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Nadezhda Mikhailovna suddenly flashed the same desire.
– I can’t do anything anymore: – she moaned, – Take me: Having settled down, I unceremoniously and energetically plunged the elastic cock into her pussy.
Nadezhda Mikhailovna groaned with pleasure.
Having made a few quick, deep blows, I took the dick out of the vagina and, with the same wild pressure, threw him abruptly into her asshole.
Dick freely and freely entered this well-designed hole.
Nadezhda Mihailovna shuddered and screamed loudly, rather from surprise than from pain, but I did not slow down and, like a jackhammer, I began to hammer at her, driving my cudgel to the very eggs.
Nadezhda Mikhailovna closed her eyes and loudly screamed and moaned with each deep blow, and these were almost never-ending screams and moans.
I looked at Lyudmila, our eyes met and on her face, I saw an expression of approval.
Moreover, she quietly approached us, remaining still not seen for the mother and from a closer distance began to watch me fuck her in the ass.
I laid out in full.
Having received tremendous satisfaction from what she saw, Lyudmila returned to her place.
Deciding to give Nadezhda Mikhailovna’s ass a little respite, I took the dick out of her and shoved him in my pussy.

Nadezhda Mikhailovna breathed noisily, catching her breath, but it did not last long, and I changed the holes again.
Dick again slipped in her hot ass.
Wanting to add new sensations, I decided to make her fisting.
Squeezing the fingers of my right hand into a fist, I inserted it into her pussy.
Now both of her holes were filled, in my pussy was my hand, and in the ass dick.
Squeezing a fist, I began to make them move, at the same time, simultaneously hammering her ass with a dick.
Fist and dick, like two powerful pistons, simultaneously moved in it.
The fist created a vacuum in her pussy, which is why the heated uterus turned out after his return movements.
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