ip webcam play store I only had time to smoke a cigarette, as the intercom silenced.
Nobody is at home.
Well? Will wait.
At least I at least imagine what the teacher looks like.

Zipping up my jacket, sitting on the railing, I plunged into thoughts.
It was dark outside.
I sat on the railing at the entrance, waiting for the teacher and thought the Duma.
Sometimes smoked.
– Not cold? – brought me out of the ranch voice.
I began to look up to see the speaker. ip camera sex
Standing in front of me was a man in a black jacket.
He looked about 55 years old.
Maybe a little more.
Maybe a little less.
Slim build.
Clean shaven.
In the hands of a leash.
On the leash – lapdog.
I smiled slightly: – Yes, not May month.
– Wait for someone? – Yes, I’m waiting.
– I replied, and prepared to further consider the prospects of the universe.
– Maybe I know who you are waiting for? “Well, why should he not talk to Skem,” I thought, but said: “Sergei Anatolyevich of 197.
– Ah, so you are his student? – Well yes.
Like that.
– Well, let’s go then, I will sit until he is gone. ip webcam play store