rt bongacams ru net couples Bukhar, lazy and, in general, the narrow-minded type.
In addition, fat, it is not clear on what grub.
Each time, when I met his vile, muzzle swollen from drunkenness, with my lips forever wet and small, close-fitting lustful eyes, I experienced a feeling of indescribable disgust.
He shook me !.

– a neighbor explodes, and I notice a carefully covered bruise under her left eye.
The second week of drinking, bitch! Where only it climbs! – She indignantly shook the bucket into the garbage disposal and pulled out cigarettes with trembling hands.
So, is still to talk.
The poor Russian husband scored by her husband, whose only dream is to have a non-drinker! That “not from the house carried”, and on the contrary – “all in the house“.
Then, there will be a simple woman’s happiness.
Would you throw it.
– sluggishly advised me to at least say something.
Yes? Where can I go? Flat is his! He still bought a single.

Who will take me with two children? And, in general, I look bad.
Well, women are able to squeeze out compliments! After this – you do not want, but I must say.
What are you talking about ?! You are quite yet !.
Very much!.
Am I a big fan? Tiny, with a nice figure and a beautiful, slightly bulged ass.
Discolour hair to appear younger – to dump that tail, after thirty.
Big, gray eyes with an eternally frozen misery and a thin, slightly crooked, aristocratic nose.
She works as a saleswoman in a kiosk.
The hosts are not Armenians, not Azerbaijanis.
Interesting – pester? Probably.
True? Nothing? Or are you – just like that ?.
What is she talking about? Oh yes.
Of course, nothing! If not.
– and I pretended that I could, at any moment, catch fire from passion, flare up like a bunch of smokeless powder. rt bongacams ru net couples
If not.
– what? – she somehow quietly moved, invaded, the so-called “personal space”, where self-respecting people allow only wives and mistresses.

– I wanted to sit down on the battery, but it, like a blanket, was covered with a layer of dust, – Vitek.
I know him well.
It is inconvenient to kiss through glass, ”Sveta said one of the sacramental phrases of Russian women,“ let’s go, I’ll make you some coffee! ” She pulled up her tights right in front of my nose so that all the lower feminine charms turned out to be very boldly highlighted and, waving the trash can, like a Parisian fashionista with a crocodile handbag, without looking around, headed towards herself.
In the two-room apartment of Svetlana and Vitka, as always, there was a mess.
Look at this bug, – she opened the door to the room, – you can shoot from a cannon, you can not wake up! On the crumpled pillow was a powerful head spouse.
There was a quiet snoring, interspersed with whistles and “puffing.”
Snores hard? – for some reason I asked.

Not so much.
– anxious answered Svetka and closed the door.
We went to the kitchen – the saloon of any small apartment.
They did not even paint over the stains on the ceiling, and water flowed out of the faucet in a thin stream, alluding over the many months of a rusty trace.
Now brew coffee, – Sveta again pulled tights.
Do you have a weak gum? – I could not resist and immediately added – just kidding, just kidding.
You can see for yourself, – she drew off the gum so that my black, lacy panties opened to my gaze.
– I had no choice but to try the ill-fated gum, – but no, it seems nothing.
On the contrary, probably crushes.
I shouldn’t have said that.
It was necessary to drink coffee, talk about the weather and leave.
Svetka pulled off her leotard by half, lifted her blouse and showed me a waist with a thin gum trace, and at the same time high quality panties.
Something in the shower stirred.

Maybe I really need to fool around on the side – that ill-starred night will be quickly forgotten.
I am now.
change clothes
Sit down for a minute.
then we make coffee, – she went to the room where the hundred and twenty kilogram Vitek was resting.
Sitting down at a tiny kitchen table, I stupidly asked myself: is she going to seduce me? Probably.
Yes let go, infection! – suddenly heard from the room.
Here’s your “on”! Is he asleep – “can you not wake the gun” ?! Woke up, and here – the naked wife.
Let go
we have guests, ”the woman wheezed, apparently fighting off with all her might.
rt bongacams ru net couples