webcam new video Coming to the house, Oleg finally broke the silence: – All run quickly home, drink tea and change clothes, otherwise you will get sick.
– Ok, thank you so much! – Run, come on.
Bye baby! She waved to him and ran up the stairs to the fourth floor, and he was already opening the doors of his apartment on the first floor.
For 10 minutes while Marina stood and knocked on the door, Oleg managed to get a hot bath and was about to dive, when there was a knock at the door.

He threw a towel, walked to the door, looked into the peephole and saw this little, wet girl – What happened, why are you not at home? He asked, opening the door.
– Apparently Grandma has not yet returned from the site – she hung her head – Can I sit with you for the time being.
– Yes, of course, come on.
Now I will give clothes to change clothes – and Oleg retired to another room.
Marinka took off her shoes and proceeded to Oleg’s room.

He handed her a T-shirt, shorts and a towel.
– Here, put on, I will leave for about 10 minutes, you can watch TV.
Oleg flew into the bathroom.
He needed to cool down, this girl was driving her mad, he could not hide his desire.
Thinking that he will help himself better than God forbid touches this angel.
He wanted to start already, as he remembered that he had not even offered tea to the guest.
Came out of the bathroom and proceeded to the room.
And then he saw this cute angel standing completely naked and wiping his beautiful body.
His mind turned dim, he threw off the towel, released the beast to freedom, and quietly approached Marina.
Hands took her waist and pulled her to him.
She jerked with fright and heard a whisper in her ear: “If you do not want to take a hot bath,” he gently, with the tip of his tongue, ran her ear. go nude webcam
Marina was on fire, her heart jumped out of her chest, she had dreamed about it for so long, and now this moment has come.

Fear and joy, experience and tension in the lower abdomen mixed into one bomb, which squeezed everything inside.
– I want – ate squeezed out of herself Marina.
Oleg pulled her closer to himself, he fell asleep with kisses and led him into the bathroom.
Climbing into the bath, he began to cover her shoulders and neck with kisses, his tongue played with earlobe.
Hands were squeezing her breasts, and pulling her swollen nipples.
Marina closed her eyes and enjoyed the touches, making quiet sighs.
Meanwhile, Oleg already caressed her softly snow-white tummy and hands went lower and lower to the virgin womb.
The first touch of his fingers to his lips, shook the girl, and she let out a loud sigh.
Then the fingers moved in search of the entrance to the cave, which was already ready to receive its first guest.
Oleg entered into the hole with his fingers, taking from there its moisture, he began to massage the clitoris.

With gentle and slow movements, he circled near this tubercle, sometimes pinching him with his fingers, sometimes covering his pussy with his whole hand and making his way into the cave.
The young girl could not stand such caresses, all shook and gave out a piercing cry of pleasure and went limp.
Oleg hugged her and whispered: – Honey, you want more, you want me.
Not having the strength to say, she simply nodded her head in agreement.
He took her out of the bathroom and carried her to the bed, put it carefully and began to gently kiss her breast.
The tongue was played with her nipple, holding the tongue from nipple to earlobe.
And then Marinka hugged him and pulled her to her and kissed her.
Their tongues entwined in a rhythmic dance, she kissed him, albeit awkwardly, but with what greedy passion.
In the meantime, he had already settled down between her legs, and his beast rested against her tender cave.
– Be patient now a little, everything will pass quickly – Oleg warned her, and with a quick jerk burst into her hot girl.

Marina screamed and tightly clung to him with his whole body.
– Quiet baby, now you will be fine – and he began to slowly move his beast in her narrow and small cave.
After a minute, she was already relaxed and completely surrendered to his caresses.
Hot kisses, gentle moans and quick movements brought both to the top.
(Erotic stories) Marinka stiffened, groaned, and sweet nectar poured from her.
Oleg could not stand it, eating managed to get his beast and filled her snow-white tummy with his warmth.
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