webcam young dance Galya recognizes me from one side.
Or do I recognize her on one side? Okay, not time to philosophize, proceed.
I again smelled her hair.
Kissed behind the ear, touched his neck.

Slowly moved to the nipples.
Galya touched the hand of my hair.
“Do not!” – I heard when I made the first kiss in the area below the navel.
Without answering anything, I continued, pressed my cheek to the pubis and, soon, Gali’s pretty lower lips spread under my tongue.
The girl moaned.
Immersion in the very depths of her womb, touching the outer lips, touching the clitoris.
A shiver passed over the girl’s body, then another and another.
I was passionate, boldly grabbing her flesh with my lips and plunging my tongue as deeply as possible, then gentle, slightly touching my clitoris with my lips, showering my beautiful girlfriend’s vagina with soft kisses.
Galya squeezed my head with her legs, all tensed up – the orgasm was approaching.
A few more touches, a passionate kiss to the very “bud of flesh” and – it happened!

Galya finished violently, shuddering with her whole body, orgasm came in waves.
I moved to kiss my girlfriend, she squeezed me in her arms, again and again enjoying the best that nature gave us.
Then everything that I cooked on the table came in handy.
We lay close to each other, kissed and drank wine.
I noticed that when my goddess was returning with another portion of yavst from the table, she somehow looked strangely at my dick.
Glance and immediately will lead, as if shy.
I also remembered her reluctance to touch my vagina with my lips.
Is she so complexed? In our age of sexual freedom, girls are already at school playing with classmates, and Galina is afraid to even look.
And how great it would be to unleash it, make it open to your desires! It’s not about licentiousness, but about life in full force.
The whole body of a woman is an erogenous zone, you just have to allow yourself to have fun. trust spotlight webcam pro
Galya is shy, she believes that there are places that should be hidden – you need to show her that she is beautiful everywhere.

I was lying and thinking, and Galya, in the meantime, clung to me and, as if by chance, touched a member with her foot.
A kiss, a hug, and my cock began to rise again, clinging ever closer to the girl’s leg.
“I would like to see Galina in the shower, rub her soap all over!” – I thought.
The next moment, my partner with visible pleasure clung to my cock, felt his swollen density and sat on him astride.
The next day, in terms of study, was useless.
How can you learn if there is a pretty girl’s ass near? And you know that she is now thinking not about studying, but about how to get rid of everything quickly and surrender, surrender, surrender! Allow a man to control his body, obey him, let him in, shiver from his pushes and drown in the waves of pleasure.
I told about my idea to take a shower together and this proposal, though not without hesitation, was accepted.
At the end of the classes, it turned out that the training organizers had invented a tour around the city – for the entertainment of guests, for rest after study.

If only they knew that we can have a great rest without them! The day passed, the long-awaited evening arrived.
I knocked on the door of my dreams.
Galya opened and I was speechless.
She was in a bright robe with some Japanese drawings.
The bulges in the breasts in the neck, bare feet, loose hair – did not know that the Goddess lived in this room.
And I, a mere mortal, do I have the right to touch this treasure? The goddess took a step forward, hugged me and incredible power whirled us in a long kiss.
The robe fell to the floor.
Closer to the bath on the floor was my clothes.
We stood next to the shower, Galya looked into my face, not looking up, with the gaze of a girl in love.
Warm water made our skin shiny.
My palms followed the path of warm streams.
Touched shoulders, walked along the girls hands, returned to the face, neck, close to the chest with swollen nipples.
Galya opened her mouth from lust and we merged in a long kiss.
Very soon, we somehow collapsed into a close bath.

Well, our baths are not designed for two who want to not only wash! Although there are benefits that I expected.
I laid my mistress on my back, and my legs, for lack of space, she had to lift and move apart.
Galya was somewhat confused – she did not expect to be in front of me, in full light, in such a frank pose.
But it was too late to change anything, I took the initiative.
In the literal sense.
I acted with both hands at the same time, typing a little shower gel in my palm.
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