augmented reality with webcam Such a big black pump on the end of which was a ponytail.
I bent down on all fours and began to take it in myself.
It went badly, I was, of course, wet, excited, but the butt was dry, and I relaxed badly.
Then Nastya just spat on her twice and abruptly put me in, listening to my sniffing buzz, the sweet moans of pain and pleasure.

And having risen to its former position, I began to feel how pleasant it was there, in me, that it was rubbing from my every movement.
Then came the clothespins.
Not simple plastic flying off at the slightest resistance, and metal with a good spring.
I immediately remembered, once in childhood having pinched my finger with one such, ex, if I had known then what would I have to do with them.
Both my nipples were in their power, and then my pussy lips also closed under their action.
There was no longer a strong and sharp pain, but a long and dull tension from them.

Add to this all the sensations of their heating.
She just stood there and heated them in turn with a cigarette lighter.
Oh, yes, the hot “bite” made me warm up and swallow the air with a semi-empty mouth.
Having got a big belt, not glamorous with different curlicues, but a real one from thick skin and with a big, good buckle, I had a lump in my throat.
The nearest hours are probably two, but for me the whole eternity was waiting for me a terrible pain in my back, bottom, thighs, and the whole body.
Breaking the air over and over again, creating a distinctive sound, I shrank all over, expecting what would now be a cruel, biting, slash blow to a new place in my frail body that sagged every time.
Over and over again, mainly on the back, new blows, giving me a terrible, unbearable pain, it was difficult to enjoy, I was not ready for this and simply screamed and roared with all my strength, but my cry was not free, and my tears were not taken seriously.

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Slamming my whole body, I squeezed the tail inside my priests to bring myself at least some pleasure from this situation.
I no longer had the strength to sit, and I just fell to the floor, stupefied by wild pain, impossible inner, hungry moans of my tender places, which asked for affection, and I asked for comfort.
Nastya, too, was apparently tired of being bullied by me, sat, rested, and smoked evil at me, blowing smoke at me.
Damn, I want a cigarette, to smoke at least.
I think you deserve a little indulgence.
I’ll give you a smoke, and you will not say anything in the first without a gag, and secondly you will not scream, because to continue, I will have to free your mouth.
That was naive and stupid, I was agreeing and not thinking about her words, or rather a warning, not realizing that the most difficult thing awaits me is still to come, but at that moment I enjoyed a cigarette, eagerly drawing it in.

Having inspected myself, I realized my position, the blood already dried on my face, my nipples were red and painfully swollen, my pussy was flowing without stopping, the tail sticking out of my butt, the absence of a living place in all places behind me, especially my back and already red little with wrist blood on the hands of handcuffs.
Dokuhriv she took my cigarette and sat on the couch, legs apart.
Thank me, I crawled to her, and began to reach for her pussy, and I received a blow on the cheek.
Not all at once She told me in a powerful voice and stretched out her leg.
I realized what was happening and plunged her with a big finger in my mouth and began to suck it.
Licking her tongue, biting her lips, kissing, pleasing each finger on her legs, feeling every roughness, every bend.
Licking my legs, I healed my heels, without removing my tongue, I was getting higher and higher, and I almost had a goal that attracted me to desire mixed with insane smell, but she laughed and pressed my bud to my head so that I could not him touch the tongue.

She was teasing me, on my cheek I felt warmth, felt how everything pulses inside and could not touch, feel the taste of at least a drop of this heavenly nectar, how offensive it was.
Turning to me, she pointed to my ass.
Yes, and again my goal was clear.
Having pressed my lips to her anal ringlet, I gently kissed him, gently licked and began to penetrate farther and deeper, as well as gently licking everything inside.
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