big boobs cam tube Well, see you tomorrow! – See you tomorrow, Kohl! – I said, throwing a dressing gown and leaving the viewing room.
I walked out of the medical building.
The face was already dark.
The sky was clear clear.

It was visible every star! It smelled of grass and sunflowers.
Somewhere they were crickets.

Everything was so quiet and serene! I suddenly felt so good! I felt real human happiness.
Happiness is a state when you are WELL! I stood there for about five minutes, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the singing of the crickets, and then walked over to my body.
Along the way, I decided to go to the first building and visit my women.
(to be continued.

The working day has long been over.
It was dark outside, it was snowing. big boobs cam tube
Probably everyone has already gone home, and only Andrei in his office unsuccessfully tried to negotiate with the client.
Rather, with the client.
Because of the production workers’ discomfort, the order was executed with a long delay, a scandal arose, and the customer company sent a representative to investigate.

The representative was a girl of about 25, who played her part too diligently, not wanting to make any compromises.
Andrei has long been accustomed to her demands, but now it was too much.
“PMS is with her, or something,” he thought longingly.
And it was impossible to drive out – the customer is serious, to lose it is unacceptable.
Outwardly, she liked Andrew, and, probably, many men.
Redhead, high, with chest, waist and hips.
She sat on a chair, stretched her legs, waving her arms in the heat of an argument.
Skirt ripped up, exposing the hips a little more than you need.
A pair of stockings flashed a couple of times, which did not escape the attention of Andrey.
Finally, a compromise was reached.
Andrei sighed wearily, looked at his watch.
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