bongacams torysweet38 the driver – winks.
Home as home.
Entrance, elevator, top floor.

Music is already heard on the landing.
They don’t open the bell for a long time, then finally the lock clicks, a guy appears in the door – tall, a good half a head taller than me, it’s my heels.
Releasing a cloud of cigarette smoke at the porch, he throws me from head to toe with an appraising glance, which makes it a bit uncomfortable, but at the same time pleasant — approval in the eyes.
Having taken the package from the Caterpillar, says loudly, addressing to someone in the room: – Uzhraty came, brought a booze and brought some kind of milf.
Was it offended now, or was it a compliment? ”“ This is the Creator, ”Gus comments, gently pushes me in the back and locks the door from the inside.
– He jokes badly, fucks even worse, but the man is golden.
Do not ask where infa.
Two-room apartment, in appearance – removable, but not a den.

Naked linoleum, a hefty sofa, covered with a battered, but clean veil, plasma on which pictures without sound flicker – the music pours from the hefty speakers in the corner.
For some time I could not understand what confuses me in this room.
And only then it reaches me: a hook sticks out in the middle of the ceiling.
Apparently, from the chandelier removed, nothing unusual, but for some reason, my mind continually returns to it.
What the fuck? Smoky – there is a hookah by the sofa, to which some girl is mowing, mowing under the goth.
Nearby is another one, about eighteen years old, blonde, with a look at the same time arrogant and a little nervous.
Also, see, for the first time here.
Nearby, saddling a chair – a guy, dark-haired, wiry, tells something, slightly stretching his words. winking man webcam
– Hi, adminota! – Gus greets.
Pointing to the dark one, he says to me: – And this is Chechen.
May, this is the people.

The people, this is May.
Everything, now you own, make yourself at home.
Fun prankster.
Now I understand why the MILF.
The girls in the room are no older than twenty, while, as is customary at their age, they try to appear older.
I – exactly the opposite.
Tall, well-groomed, even in jeans and a spacious black T-shirt I can look expensive.
This comes with experience.
And attracts attention, even besides my desire.
And now I don’t really want to shine, it’s more interesting for me to watch.
Twenty people in the apartment, or rather difficult to say – from time to time someone goes out to the balcony or into the next room, they come back, sometimes with misty eyes, sometimes shining.
People throws substances.
I am quietly pleasantly drunk, sucking vodka with juice.
From the balcony pulls sweet smoke – I saw how they pulled a wet bulb.
The red-haired girl, catching my gaze, nods invitingly.

I do not smoke, but I go – I want to take a breath of air, and just take a break from music, chat with people.
On the balcony I find Gus.
Talking on the phone, covering the speaker with his hand.
Nearly, a couple selflessly sucks – a plump guy with a large porous nose, for some reason causing associations with Sponge Bob, and a girl with a very short, almost boyish haircut.
Both hands of the guy shamelessly rummage in girlfriend’s lowered shorts.
Redhead breathes smoke.
– Well, how are you? – ending the conversation, asks Horror, hiding the phone in his pocket.
I shrug indefinitely.
– Honestly? Pretty ordinary.
– Disappointed? Wait, we just arrived early.
Specially early brought you to settle down.
The most interesting will begin after the speech of Chechen.
– Wow, is there an entertainment program? – I’m surprised.
– And then! Just like adults.
Oh, do you hear? The music is silent.

Chechen’s voice is now breaking through.
His strange manner of speaking, stretching his words, is somewhat annoying, but at the same time holds attention and forces one to listen.
why we created “Pakhomovka” for what it is? Stupid question.
I would be more surprised if we created it.
Each of us comes to shock content in its own way: someone jerks at the pasta, others consider themselves to be finished cynics, leaving “conciliatory” comments on a photo of another dismembered and raped Mexican woman, and others still do not understand why.
Personally, I was moved by curiosity, always interested in human psychology.
bongacams torysweet38