couple naked webcam It was noticeable that she was preparing for a serious conversation with me, and even, perhaps, wants to throw a scandal.
Apparently, she felt guilty, but did not want to admit it, as they say, the best defense is an attack.
I decided to pre-empt events and threw myself on my knees before her, kissing her tanned legs: – Darling, you are driving me crazy! I am the happiest husband in the world.
I saw that Dasha was confused: she stopped frowning brow.

Now she was staring at me in surprise, but, having overcome her confusion, she uttered in an angry voice: “How could you, how could you?”
– What is sweet? “How could you leave me alone with someone else’s man?”
After all, you’re my husband, and you left me.
Left me with him.
Well, as I expected, she planned to shift, ostensibly, she had the blame for the erotic adventure on me.
If we now start a dispute based on logic, then our conversation will turn into a scandal, but I did not want this.

And so I decided to play along with Dasha, but taking into account my own interests: – Oh, dear, you were so gorgeous.
I just go crazy when I remember this moment.
You are the best.
I love you.
Now she was in real confusion.
Theatrical “mortal offense” disappeared from her face, she looked at me with curiosity and incomprehension (apparently, she expected to find out about the relationship of the jealous husband, and instead I kneel in front of her and confess my love).
But Dasha could not give up right away, so she made another attempt: – But.
But he could have raped me.
I looked up and smiled, looking into her eyes: – Who could have raped? Michael?.
And she could not restrain herself and smiled back at me, realizing that her claims turn into a farce.
Of course, she did not even think that Mikhail could rape her, but rather she was afraid that she herself wanted to surrender to him.

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To proceed to a more meaningful conversation, I again switched to her legs, kissing them with trepidation: – You were like a Goddess.
It was so exciting to see you with Michael.
– What are you talking about? – already without offense in the voice, but Dasha asked with half-curiosity in a half-whisper.
– I was so wound up when I saw Michael looking at you.
– and paused.
Dasha could not stand it: – And how did he look at me? – With such adoration.
As the most beautiful, most desirable girl on Earth.
– You make it all up.
– Dasha said one thing, but she wanted my words to be true.
– No, I am an adult man, I see it, I feel it, – I climbed higher and, stretching out my hand to her pussy, began to gently caress her clit, – And you and Michael – you were both so beautiful when you stood each with a friend beside, naked.
Dasha moaned softly and began to slightly move her hips in time with the movement of my finger on her clitoris: – But how can you say that?

You are my husband.
– And you are the most beautiful wife in the world.
You have no idea what pleasure you gave me.
I’m so happy.
– Maybe you stopped loving me ?.
– I love you very much.
And today I fell in love with you again and I love even more.
so much so that I can go crazy.
– How can a husband like him when others look at his wife? This is not normal.
“So I’m a crazy husband, but I like it a lot.”
You have no idea how happy I feel.
– Do not you jealous of me ?.
– she pushed her hips more often.
– Very jealous, and it gives me the greatest pleasure, – I let go of my underpants, and from there jumped out my erect member, – See, what are you doing with me ?.
See how I feel ?.
I adore you.
“You are crazy,” Dasha broke into a predatory smile and spread her arms for embraces. “Well, come to me.”
And I went to her.
Only not in the way Dasha thought.
I pressed my mouth to her pussy, penetrating my tongue as deeply as possible into her hell.

A hand masturbated his cock.
Dasha wrapped her hands around my head, pressing it more tightly into her crotch, and moaned.
According to Michael’s plan, I shouldn’t have brought my excited wife to orgasm, so less than a minute passed as I finished and fell off my wife’s pussy with hot desire.
Dasha sighed in disappointment, but said nothing.
I got up and kissed my wife on the lips: – I told you that you are driving me crazy.
I could not even resist.
Dasha waited for a pause in order to correctly formulate a question, which, apparently, very much worried her: – Yes.
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