deep web sex videos She was also in a very excited state.
Gradually, I began to descend lower and lower, simultaneously releasing my mother from the robe (underwear, if you noticed, she usually did not wear at home).
Caressing her gorgeous breasts, tummy, kisses right next to her pussy and started kissing her mother’s feet.
I sucked all her fingers on her beautiful legs and slowly began to lift my tongue up to my cherished goal – such a beloved, always wet pussy.

I also did not have time to reach her, I kissed only the inner side of the thigh, when she was with words.
“Yes, my dear, kiss, come on, my good”, attracted my head to her fragrant pussy.
And I began to enjoy its wonderful taste and aroma.
After about five minutes of my caresses, she finished, as always, very violently and with such a scream that turned me on, that I ended up following her.
After a rest for about half a minute my mother licked my dick, saying that I have the most delicious sperm.
And I asked if I wanted to fuck her in the ass, like last time.

It would be very strange if I answered no! Mom got that big artificial member with eggs and put it in her pussy.
Then she laid her stomach on the pillow and bulged out her beautiful, big ass.
I smeared her anus and my dick with a large layer of cream and entered without any problems in my mom’s ass.
Even when I started to introduce my dick to her ass, she leaned on me with a moan and immediately set the pace.
Mom got an orgasm for an orgasm, her own son fucked her from behind, and a big dick stuck in her pussy, and this brought her such happiness — that most women dream of.
All this was accompanied by groans and sometimes shouts, both from her and from my side.
About ten minutes later I plentifully finished it in the anus and then her body shook such an orgasm !!!!!! Without removing the penis from her ass, I lay on her and kissed her back. deep web sex videos
Mom said that now you can do the opposite.
“You will love me in front, and you will insert it in my ass.”
What I immediately did.

Having fucked like this for about 40 minutes, we fell asleep in complete frenzy.
Part Five – The second morning.
When I woke up the next morning, I noticed that Mom was lying beside me and then I remembered that today was Saturday.
Mom was lying on her back, throwing off the blanket.
I decided to gently and gently kiss her breasts.
Taking her big, dark nipple in my mouth, I began to stroke my mother’s pussy and her clit with my finger.
Her pussy was wet.
Mom naturally woke up from all this and told me.
“good morning, if you only knew how I want you – beloved!”.
I kissed her on the lips (I even liked the smell from her mouth) and lay on her.
I stood on her pubis as a standing member.
We simultaneously started the characteristic movements.
Then, she slightly changed the position of her body, slightly spread her legs and I entered my mom’s wet and hot pussy.
She immediately hugged me with her legs and arms.
We finished at the same time in 3-4 minutes.
I finished it inside.

My stomach, as was usually all wet from her juices.
Mom got up, threw a robe and went to the toilet.
I also went, only to the bathroom.
Passing the toilet, I saw that the door was not closed and I heard the sound of such pressure! My mommy pissed! It made me so excited that my dick stood again.
I went to her toilet, sat on her knees before her (she cautiously spread her legs in front of my face) and began to caress her pussy, which still had the aromas of my sperm, her juices and urine.
It was such a wonderful, indescribable bouquet of smells! Mom pressed my face with her hands to her pussy and just moaning she moved me to meet.
A few minutes later she finished, firmly squeezing my head with her legs and nearly suffocating, so with her wet cunt she pressed tightly against my face.
After that, the two of us went to wash and then have breakfast.
At breakfast, she said that her father had to call today and say when he would come – today, by plane or tomorrow by train.

I said that it would be better if he didn’t come at all, to which mom answered.
“That’s for sure.
We would be much better without him! ”
At that moment the telephone rang, my mother picked up the phone and it turned out that her father had called.
He said that in 2 hours he would fly to the airport and I should meet him.
Since it took about an hour to go to the airport, I had to leave soon, and my mother went to take off the bedding urgently, because almost all of it was flooded with either my sperm or my mom’s juices.
An hour later, after kissing Mom on the lips and feeling her tongue in my mouth, I went to meet my father.
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