ebony teen anal webcam Hello, my name is Tanya.
I am now 24 years old, this is certainly not a lot, but during this time I managed to try a lot of things in sex.
Of course, much is still to come, but I want to say honestly that I can hardly be surprised.
And now, I want to share with my esteemed public my experience, my strongest sexual experiences that I have ever had to experience.

I will be glad if, thanks to my experience, girls will discover new facets of sexual fantasies and dare to make them come true, and guys will better understand the secret women’s desires.
Many, of course, many will condemn me, but I take it calmly, after all, sexual hypocrisy is no longer in fashion.
So, I ask you not to judge strictly, this is my first story and treat with descent.
Let’s start.
I want to tell you the first story about my sexual adventures, which happened when I studied at the institute, in my second year.
It will be appropriate to describe yourself here: I am a slim girl, of medium height, with elastic ass and a magnificent bust (third size), blue eyes.

These are called “blood and milk.”
The hair is long dark, but then it was repainted in blond.
So, once on some student get-together, I met him – the guy who opened me a new level of sexual relations.
He took me off by all the rules.
His name was Kazbek.
Steep, pumped-up Dagestani, dark-skinned, with black bristles, in dark glasses.
He was damn sexy.
A kind of alpha male maid in the Caucasus.
As soon as I saw him, I was immediately visited by a burning desire to surrender to him.
He studied at my faculty two years older than me. ebony teen anal webcam
The university was a prestigious one, and there were either really smart guys or sons of rich parents, most of whom were Caucasians for some reason.
Their favorite entertainment was to shoot young Russian freshmen for later sex.
They openly boasted which of them ottrakhal more Russian girls.
In this Kazbek nothing different from others.
I liked him too.
He gave me a ride on his dear wheelbarrow, which belonged to his father – a rich Dagestan semi-business-semi-bandit.

Brought to the Caucasian restaurant.
We drank expensive wine and ate roasted meat.
His rough manner, Caucasian accent, all this wildly excited me.
He suggested that I dance a slow dance, I certainly agreed.
I was wearing a short summer dress, under which were a sexy bra and tiny thong panties, with platform shoes on my legs.
When we danced, he unceremoniously pawed me, squeezing my buttocks, grabbed my breasts.
org) He did it demonstratively, in the sight of the whole restaurant, and I was just starting up even more.
From rude touches to my tender places and from the realization that I was a beautiful Russian girl, in front of the whole restaurant — most of whose visitors were Caucasians, the Dagestan guy was brazenly pawing, I was very excited.
And judging by the hill on the trousers of Kazbek – I’m not alone.
After the restaurant, he took me to a wasteland, drowned out the car and immediately dug into my lips, handing off my clothes.
My dress slid down, the bra cups too, exposing the elastic hemispheres of the breasts, which he began to squeeze roughly, pinching his nipples, which is why they immediately hardened.

After that, his hand fell between my legs and got into the panties, studying my feminine charms.
– Wow, you’re all flowing! – exclaimed Kazbek, when his hand lay on my languishing with desire vulva.
He jumped out of the car, ran around her, opened my door, turned me around, put my knees on the passenger seat, gave me a little push, so I bent my back and put my hands on the driver’s seat, putting my ass in front of him.
In an instant, my dress was torn to the waist, and the panties were lowered to the knees.
I felt a cool breeze on my thighs and I heard Kazbek unbuckle his belt and trousers.
At the same moment, in my expiring vagina, a hard thick stake literally broke in, mercilessly stretching the tender flesh.
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