hamster mature webcam Fear, surprise and pity for this creature overwhelmed her.
She burst into tears, burying her husband in the chest.
“Well, well,” he stroked the trembling shoulders, began to rock her in his arms, “no, my joy.”
Thank God, I was near! It’s all over, – he dried her tears with kisses, running down the reddened cheeks.

“Honey,” Anna suddenly stopped crying and looked at him anxiously, “you.”
killed him? – I do not know.
I do not think.
– Duval lowered his eyes – I just stunned him.
Although it would be worth once and for all with him.
– Do not say that! – She exclaimed and suddenly said in a decisive tone: – We have to go back and see.
– But.
for what? – Duval looked at her in surprise.
– Suddenly.
he needs help, answered Anna.
– If he.
reached such a wild state, then he, probably, has long been here alone and.
We have to help him.
“Perhaps you are right,” Duvall reluctantly agreed, and immediately replied: “But I will go alone.”
You will stay at home.
– No, – Anna did not accept objections.
“I will never let you go alone.”
“But it’s dangerous, honey!” He exclaimed.

“I’m not afraid of anything with you,” she smiled gently and flashed her eyes so that Duval melted like wax and could not object to her. hamster mature webcam
He kissed his treasure, then took off his shirt and, putting on her shoulders, sternly remarked: – But before going there, put on that.
Your blouse hides almost nothing.
I do not want any wild face to stare at you.
His shirt came down below her knees.
Further her skirt continued.
He twisted her little sleeves to a comfortable length and, after examining, said with a smile: “Perhaps this may well pass for a business dress, Madame.”
You look decent.
When they entered the cave, the savage sat on the very same heap of straw on which Anna had laid, and rubbed the back of his head.
When he saw the guests, he did not get up, looked at them with a clearly inquiring glance and squeezed a heavy rough club in his hands.
“Sir,” Duvall, shielding Anna, spoke to him in English, “we came in peace.”
We want to know your name.
The savage stiffened, tears running down his face, he suddenly got up and said in bad English.
– I am Ricardo Jimenez.

And he made a kind of polite bow.
– Are you Spanish? – asked Duval, turning to Spanish.
– In that case, let’s speak your language.
– Are you my countrymen? – Jimenez was delighted.
“No,” Serge shook his head. “I am French, my wife is English.”
But I know your language well.
My name is Serge Duval, my spouse is Anna Duval.
If possible, tell us how you ended up on the island, ”he asked.
– Oh, that was so long ago.
so long ago – the unfortunate sat down again and, covering his head with his hands, spoke abruptly.
– We sailed, then a strong storm, the ship sank.
There were three of us in the boat.
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