hd webcam pro And I quickly finished.
After decided to go to sleep.
My wife and I were bedded in one room, the owners decided to lie down in another.
The owner went to sleep, his wife also went to sleep.

We were alone in the kitchen with the hostess.
I told her that I want more sex but I want to sleep.
The hostess began to caress me, do me a blowjob.
I got up.
I put her cancer began to fuck her.
After a while, my wife entered.
Joined us.
She sat on the sofa, spread her legs.
The hostess began to make her kuni, and I fucked the hostess from behind.
Five minutes later the owner entered.
He stood by the couch and began to caress the chest of my wife.
After that, the wife began to do him a blowjob.
And imagine such a picture.
A wife is sitting on the sofa, legs apart.
The owner stands near the sofa, and the wife gives him a blowjob, at this time the hostess makes a wife a kuni, and I fuck the hostess.
After a few minutes, we disconnected.
The wife got cancer, and the owner began to fuck his wife.

And I am the hostess.
After some time, the owner finished.
I kept fucking the mistress.
Soon the hostess said that she was tired and she was in pain.
My wife was sitting on the couch with her legs apart and caressing herself. Hidden camera sex bus. I went over to my wife, knelt in front of the sofa and entered her.
Remembering how she had recently done a blowjob to another peasant, I was greatly wound up and I quickly finished.
Well that’s all.
We went to sleep.
In the morning we woke up in a wonderful mood and in the desire to continue, but we had to go home yet. hd webcam pro
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) After our first experience in swing, we do not regret.
And we want to try again soon.
My wife wants a guy to fuck with a strap-on and probably now the three of us will try.
And now it seems that our second youth has returned.
All the time I want sex and a day several times engaged in sex at every opportunity.
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The acquaintance is quite wealthy, the dacha is good, just for such razdolbaysky parties – a couple of living rooms with bars, a billiard room, a pool and several guest bedrooms.

At the party, many were with their wives, friends and familiar chicks.
In general – “chicks” – an absolutely necessary attribute of such events.
I, too, was with my wife, who, burning with envy to her owner, was chirping with him at the bar counter about the “thoughtful design of the interior space” of his cottage.
And that “furniture for kitchens cannot follow only aesthetic requirements”, and that “beauty should be combined with functionality, and design with ergonomics.”
Here is a bitch! Do not miss the moment when she will climb into his codfish – I love porn shows! In the meantime, I stood on the open terrace with cognac and admired the sunset.
– Hello my friend! – my friend Andryukha came up to me, too, with a glass of some fashionable cocktail and pretty brunette.
– Meet: my biggest love in life is Svetlana.
– I am happy to meet you, Igor, – I even kissed the handle of a cute smiling girl – probably the cognac worked.
We talked about the beauty of nature, new films, books and the hospitable business of the host.

Then Andryukha invited me to “try” Svetlana.
“The greatest love in life.”
It is interesting! But with the condition that he will remove everything on video.
I gladly agreed to this freebie, especially since I like to “pull” the girls in front of the lens.
The three of us quickly moved into the farthest guest bedroom.
Light, a little embarrassed.
– Honey, you really will be nice ?! – Do not you ?? !! – a question to the question answered this razdolbaysky Romeo.
– Well: – You see.
Igor is good, kind, yes, Igor? He kisses in the ass, if you ask, gee-s !! – I, Svetik, even know what a cunnilingus is! – I boasted.
– ABOUT! You see! Not that your ex “hahali” – Andryukha was logically ruthless.
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