manchester live webcam But I did not dare to masturbate (I already knew how to do this and even, I confess, I loved to “jerk off”), I was very scared that they would notice me.
It is only in German films peeping quietly jerking behind the door.
I fled from the apartment with all my legs! But in the evening I could not restrain myself and told my mother.
(I have been with her all my life spiritually closer than with my father, who was very strict with me.

I knew that he did not want my birth, but my mother concealed the pregnancy from him until the time when the fetus could not be removed, without harm to the woman’s body.
And for the first time in my father, my father raised his hand to Ma, slapped her in the face, called her “a sly bitch” and in general their family life went wrong after I was born) Mom listened to my story and was shocked no less than mine! She blushed deeply and began to cry.
– Forgive me, you fool!

Will you now despise me of me, son? To which, naturally, he replied that no, that I loved her very much.
Mom hugged me, began to stroke on the head.
And at the same time she was crying, literally sobbing.
She told me that everything in her life went awry after my birth.
She married for a father for a great love, but he had a “dog damned” and before her was full of girls and after the wedding he did not understand.
I knew it was true.
My father kept with his family album, an album with his “beauties”, which then seemed to me the most perfect old aunts. mechta geisha bongacams
Yes, while many photos were with playful captions, such as “Kitty from Kitty” and other su-shu.
Mom had been struggling with her father for a very long time, but he didn’t allow him to throw this one away, apparently, a very expensive rarity for him.
And my mother’s character was very weak (I’m now matured, I understand well) She was simply crushed by the iron will of her husband.

Surely, he married his mother precisely because she was the most resigned of all his girlfriends, suffered his walks on the side.
She put up with both the album and the antics of her father, desperately struggling to preserve the family to the last.
Protected me when my father grabbed a belt.
She was my guardian angel, there was no man closer to her.
I haven’t had secrets all my life from my mother.
I told her everything) Mom and I hugged.
I was very sorry for her, defenseless and deceived by her father.
“Have you been spying on us for a long time?” – asked mom.
“No,” I admitted, “I ran away.”
But me
And I even have it here, ”I whispered to my mother’s ear,“ it became firm.
– What do you mean? – Ma was amazed, – you liked to pry like Uncle Kostya and me.
? – Yes.
– I whispered – Do you already know how a man loves a woman in bed? – I know.
“I found it on your desk when I was looking for writing paper, a deck of cards with naked women.”
Where did you get them? – Volodya gave.

– Looked? – I looked.
– And did you like it? – Yes.
– Did you like naked women? – Yes.
– And while you looked at them, you didn’t do anything with your pen here? – did.
– Once? “No,” I admitted, hiding my face on my mother’s chest.
“You were pleased when you were.”
did it? – Yes – I was ready to burn with shame! – They are so beautiful, huh? – Yes.
– You liked their legs, breasts, right? – I liked it.
Especially two.
– What kind? Bring the cards, show me.
I ran for the deck.
Stood next to my mother.
She took the deck.
– Which ones? I showed.
– Yy! Well, yes, beautiful.
But this one, in my opinion, resembles me? I looked at the picture.
Mom critically looked at the naked beauty.
– Only I have more breasts, I think.
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