sex gay hidden cam The doorbell sounded with thunder, no, rather, the pipes announcing the end of the world.
Lenka strained, looking intently into my eyes, slowly freed herself from my awkward embraces.
For some time, only she went to open the door.
I, numbly, remained seated, although, perhaps, it was at this moment that the established tradition had to be broken.

Heard the drunk voice of Vitka.
Then the door slammed.
Lenka entered uncertainly, as if fearing to stumble.
Who came? – my voice has changed beyond recognition.
Lenka silently began to gather.
Moving like a robot, put on stockings with a belt, high-heeled shoes.
Tu, the shortest skirt, “showing” the legs above the stockings, transparent blouse.
She looked at me plaintively, frozen on the sofa, smacked against the door, then, catching herself, returned and brightly painted her lips.
Vulgar and bright.
I sat, turned into a monument to my spinelessness.

My wife just left me.
We loved each other, like affection, intimacy.
But she was called by a drunken idiot, and she left.
Moreover, she did not want to – I saw: she did not want to – but she went.
Like a dog that whistled the owner.
What makes women obey? Why, in general, some people tend to command, while others can not disobey? Lenka came late at night, drunk and not at all like that frightened woman who had left in the evening at the first call of her lover.
Turned on the light, absolutely not caring about what will wake her husband.
Or maybe she guessed that I was not sleeping.
I’m so tired – she cranked up crookedly, sitting on the bed – tired.
The blouse was worn by the other side, the skirt and stockings were twisted.
It was fun? – I asked in a voice hoarse from sleep.
Fun? – she thought – perhaps.
You know, there were two of them. arizona on bongacams video
So what? – I did not understand why I support this conversation.

Oh, – Lenka quickened, – me first, Vitechka, and then Kolyan.
And what Kolya? He is so cruel! This macho.
He did not stand on ceremony with me.
Do you want to tell in order? Tell me.
I came, – began Lenka, and they immediately pounced.
I looked into the drunken eyes of my wife, with pupils dilated in all the iris from languid and sweet memories, and I thought – why am I listening to this woman who has become a stranger to me for some time ?.
and Kolyan immediately broke my panties on me.
I fought back, and she felt that the flow.
What makes me listen to her.
story? What kind of prohibitive feeling of unbearable pain makes me nod and ask questions in the right places?
and he literally raped me! Then again Vitka, but so it was not so interesting.
I looked at her lips – sweet, full lips with smeared lipstick and a selection.
Yes, I saw how they were wrapped in a fat member of the drunk Vitka, while Kolyan used her vagina.

I had already finished several times, but they all did not stop.
Yes, they did not stop! No wonder – such a kitty herself came to them, drunk balkydigs, languishing from the desire to be raped.
And then he put me on Vitka and entered the ass! I like a scream! And he says: “shut up, bitch” – calmly, he says so, and he continues to rape me in the ass, as then.
at night in a tent.
I felt pleasure for the first time then.
I listened, and I had an erection.
And Lenka saw how the blanket swelled up, even stroked this hillock.
She had long understood that her adventures make me suffer.
But I also saw the painful pleasure in my eyes and continued to colorfully paint scenes of animal copulation with these cretins.
he continued – he could not finish for a long time, but it seemed to me that his member would now tear me in half.
She was an educated woman, and of course she knew what masochism is.

Maybe she just wanted to give me pleasure, my poor girl? She saw that I was exhausted, but I could not – I just couldn’t ask her for affection now.
Yes, she would not agree.
I was already lying in a puddle – with me so leaked! And they.
Maybe you need to live with such a life? The wife runs like the last whore to the neighbor — friends still come to this: everyone wants to use a depraved little cat for free — and her husband listens to her stories, suffers and gets unparalleled pleasure from it.
But where can all this lead us? What jungle of humiliation, shame and torment? Oh, with me leaked, while I was sitting here! – Lenka laughed drunkenly and, staggering, trudged into the bathroom.
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