webcam black It will be several weeks before she is allowed to wake up after sleeping pills.
When it finally happened, and she regained consciousness, she found herself in the same room where she had disconnected the last time.
Remembering the words of Jerry, she began to examine herself.
But nothing has changed.

The teeth were in place, and everything else was untouched.
She ran to the bathroom hoping to find a mirror and see what happened to her, but there were no mirrors in the bathroom.
However, what she found was rather strange.
There was no toilet in the bathroom.
Instead, there was a small seat.
In the middle of it was protruding from it.
Then she heard the creaking of the door and saw Jerry enter her room.
“What are you doing with me?” She asked, puzzled, not finding any visible changes.
“What is your name, my dear?” Jerry smiled at her.
What have you done with me? ”“ I’m sure you noticed that the toilet looks an unusual way.

You need to learn how to use it.
And you will only use it, Lindsay “he told her.
“Now you want to know what we did to you, eh?” She looked at the person without understanding how she would use this thing.
“Well, my dear, your ureter is now bred in the rectum.
Your colon now ends not with the sphincter, but with a valve.
you have been sterilized, I will not go into details, too much of everything.
Suffice it to say that the chest and vagina are all that you have left for the female part. ”Frightened, she looked at him, not understanding how this could happen, and Jerry continued.
“Your teeth and gums were replaced with synthetic ones, this will avoid problems in the future,” he continued.
“In addition, your intestines have been greatly modified.
As a rule, these are the first actions that we do to our products, since these are the most traumatic actions. ”The girl sank to the floor, and Jerry talked about her changes, she cried. london bridge webcam
“I understand that it is difficult for you,” Jerry said with sympathy.

“But you must understand that all this is necessary before you complete your full modification.
I suppose that when everything ends and you take a place in your owner’s house, you will understand how lucky you are. ”“ Lucky? ”She asked,“ How can I be happy after what you did to me ?! ”Not paying attention to her comments, Jerry continued.
“After I leave, they will bring you lunch.
It is important that you drink it completely.
After a few hours you will feel discomfort.
You will feel the pressure.
You will need to be emptied. ”The girl listened to him.
“You think I’ll make myself an enema by putting it in my ass,” she said, pointing to the ledge on the seat.
“My dear Lindsay, if you do not want to die in agony, you will have to” “Then I will die.
“I’d rather die than be some kind of picture in some pervert’s house,” she screamed.
“So it will be,” said Derry, and turning, he headed for the door.

A few minutes after Jerry left, the door creaked.
A tall woman approached her and put the bottle in front of her.
“Dinner,” said the woman before leaving.
Lindsay ignored the bottle for several hours.
In the end, she gave in to the needs of her body and, removing the lid, drank some sweet-tasting contents.
Finishing everything out of the bottle, she threw it to the door and exhausted from fatigue, lay down on the mattress on which she woke up.
She woke up feeling a little discomfort, as Jerry had predicted.
She ignored it.
Less than an hour, she began to feel a sharp pain.
She decided that she would not die if she tried to sit down once on this ledge in the bathroom.
In the end, she decided to end her suffering.
She began to examine this bulge to understand how it works.
The pain was becoming too unbearable.
She sat down at this device, the sound that Jerry was talking about suddenly sounded, meaning that the connection was established, she pressed the lever to get rid of the pain as soon as possible.

She felt a stream of fluid inside of her, tried to get up, but could not, finding that it was attached to the device.
“You are welcome.
my goodness please
“She begged with all her might that the device would let her go quickly.
Nevertheless, the feeling of fullness began to disappear, the liquid was pumped out of it.
Only when the second beep sounded, startling her, the device released her.
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