webcam girl free After a couple of years of living together, my Masha admitted to me that that night, in the house where Uncle Sasha had moved us, she was not afraid of any deceased.
She just really wanted me, wanted to cuddle up to what she had found, as she then thought for the rest of her life! And she was not mistaken!
It was recently.
Natasha is 16 years old.

I do not speak yet, because I do not consider her small, and I don’t speak already, because she is like a defenseless child.
She was so beautiful that you can not even imagine such an unusual appearance, green real eyes, long black eyelashes, although such faces are, but this is no longer.
She had a great figure with a small height, she had 88 breasts, she did not always like it, but still she was proud.
She was also proud that she did not need cosmetics.
Now I will tell you a story.
Natasha had one friend Lesch, but he was almost 23 years old.
She liked him for a long time, and he told her, but something prevented her from going for madness and love (Dada, she loved him, and how he loved her), she had a boyfriend in front of him, they had such plans, with him she became a woman, but it was only once.

he cheated on her and left.
I will not give details, but it so happened that Alex and Natasha began to meet.
THIS WAS PASSION AND MADNESS AND LOVE !!! But before this has not yet come.
He knew all about her.
One evening, Natasha and Lesha came to Lesha’s home; he did not turn on the lights, they went to his room, where there was a huge bed spread out.
Lesha was able to do nicely, his dignity – what he thought about the girl first, and then about himself.
They went into an almost dark room.
She was wearing a light summer dress with buttons, she got up in the middle of the room, her back to the bed, Alex came up to her, he was her taller enough, she was 165 and he was under 190, he looked down at her and smiled like a child his eyes rested on his chest, she was unable to raise his head, her cheeks were burning, there was a noise in his head due to surging excitement, because the guy can only imagine! Looking down on her as well, he stretched out his hands and began to unbutton his buttons, gently and gently, then pulled the dress from his shoulders, ran his fingers over her hands, and gently placed him on a chair (she lowered her head even lower), then to be Alongside, Lesha sat on a chair in front of her, and gently, so as not to frighten this creature (he was not only tall but also moderately pumped-up guy with a wide back, such always attracted Natasha), looking at her and smiling, he said.

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what are you afraid of, silly, because I don’t need anyone else, kitten, you will be happy this night, consider that this is your first time.
She raised her head, she wanted to be in his power, in his strong hands, she wanted him to cover her with his powerful body.
He kissed her, so gently and tenderly, but so passionately! That her legs buckled and she almost fainted! He pressed her to himself, stood up, and continued to kiss, her legs hung down, it was uncomfortable, he took her in his arms for real, strange sensations filled the body, dizzy.
he put her on the bed, took off everything and lay down next to her, she was only wearing panties when he kissed her, he had time to take off her bra.
He took off her panties.
He kissed her gently on the lips, when he came down to her neck, kissed her with her lips, holding her tongue, her breathing became intermittent, her body trembled, and when he went down to her chest, she let out a soft moan that seemed to have accidentally burst out, her chest heaved from affection and from deep breathing, my head was spinning, she was not so excited when.

He gently sucked her nipples, even managed to take the entire breast almost completely into his mouth, nibbled them teasingly, massaged his hands, his knee parted her legs, and he ran his finger there to check if he was on the right track. there was no dry place, even the sheet was wet, he wanted to roar from excitement, it brought him so much that he decided to drink it all, saying goodbye to the delicate skin of the chest and neck, he went to her legs, he kissed the delicate inner thighs, licking nectar, finally he began to drink, in sucking everything out of her, this sweet yogurt, occasionally touching a small pea, as it were inadvertently with her tongue, she gave a loud moan, and when he took this pea in her mouth, she began to suck her, doing it with her tongue and lips like this, while stroking her wall with her finger, she she just bent and screamed, she rushed about the bed like a mad woman, she screamed and squirmed like a snake.

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