xvideos webcam teen Marina shuddered and inwardly shrank from such words, a wave of horror rolled over her and she just lay and quietly whined, crucified on the mattress.
“But you can avoid it if you agree to become my sex slave!” Follow my orders exactly and without question! – the woman gloatingly said, walking from side to side in front of naked Marisha. xvideos webcam teen
– So what do you say? Marina lay a little breathing frantically digesting the spoken speech, all she now wanted is to get out of here as soon as possible.
She nodded intensely.

“Very well, I thought so,” said the Executor with satisfaction, “Now you have to go through several tests to prove your loyalty!” Two girls reappeared and, removing the handcuffs from their feet, lifted them up and snapped the bracelets on the chains hanging from the ceiling wide apart. xvideos webcam teen