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You seem to write and crap in the diaper more like it.
Well, wear diapers.
Just don’t tell me you’re big.

Sue went for a clean diaper and sat down on the bed again, quickly put it on me – so smartly and professionally, as if all her life she had been doing, that she changed diapers for kids.
Now we will put on a T-shirt, – she smiled, pulling on a short T-shirt, – Well, let’s go wash and have breakfast.
I reluctantly got out of bed and went to the bathroom.
After washing, I came to the kitchen.
“Oatmeal” – I frowned in disgust, looking at the plate on the table.
Is that your bib? – Sue smiled, taking from the table a baby bib, – Let’s knit, and then you can stain the shirt.
Understanding, the dispute with the girl will lead nowhere, I obediently gave myself a bib to put on.
“At least not spoon-fed, like Jenny,” I thought, reluctantly taking to eat porridge.
Immediately after breakfast, Sue shoved two bottles of milk to me.
Drink up – she ordered.
I grunted hurtly, but again decided not to fight with Sue.

Her whole appearance said that she would not stand on ceremony with me.
Suddenly I heard a phone call.
Hi, Vicky, – Sue smiled, putting her mobile phone to her ear, – Yeah, I’m sitting with one kid.
Sue giggled tightly.
This time with an eight year old, ”she added after a short pause,“ There’s a whole story. ”
Come – you will look at it yourself.
“Only her girlfriends were not enough here,” I thought, throwing a displeased glance at the nanny.
Right now you want to come? – smiled Sue, – Of course you can.
And then I’m a little bit boring here. hidden camera videos free sex videos
Sue dictated the address to her friend Jennin and said goodbye, hid the phone in her jeans pocket.
After waiting for me to empty both bottles, Sue refilled them with milk.
Well done, – she said, – And now two more bottles.
I had no choice but to cling to the baby bottle.
Do you like milk? – My nanny smiled after I finished my milk, – Everything, you can go to your nursery.
Returning to my room, I sat down on the carpet playing with cars, glad that Sue was in the kitchen.

But it was too early to rejoice.
Well, let’s go to the pot? – smiled my young nanny, going into the room, – And please do not lie to me that you do not want.
“Still, after four baby bottles of milk, which she made me drink,” I thought resentfully.
Get up fast! – ordered Sue.
I do not want the pot! – I protested, reluctantly standing up from the floor.
What do you balk? – raised her voice Sue, – so that at the age of eight, an ordinary baby pot is so afraid! Shame and shame! Seeing that Sue began to unbuckle my diaper’s velcro, I gripped it with both hands.
What is this? – the girl was indignant, and letting my hands hurt me, literally tore off my diaper, – You don’t want to obey me! Having remained without a diaper, I blushed deeply and shyly covered myself between my legs.
And what should I do with your shyness? ”Sue smiled, opening her arms to me.“ You know what? If you now obediently let yourself be undressed, I would come out and wait outside the door while you do your children’s work.

But since you are so capricious, you go to the pot in my sight, like a nursery.
Sue slapped my hands, stopping my next attempt to hide behind.
What is blushing? – she smiled, – If you do not listen, you will do absolutely everything with me, as a two-year-old.
Including going to the pot in my presence.
And in a little, and in a big way.
I began to shift from one foot to the other, in order to somehow relieve the unbearable urge to write.
When babies are taught to the pot, adults do not go anywhere, ”Sue continued,“ A toddler cannot be left unattended – especially during such a responsible procedure.
Sue moved a pot to my feet.
What are you worth? – she turned to me, – Forgot, why do little boys need a little pig? I looked at the pot in front of me with displeasure, still not knowing how to write there in the presence of a 15-year-old girl.
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