real spy cam sex “I just remember myself at your age,” explained Vera Andreevna, “There were few sources of income at that time.”
And so wanted financial independence.
So I decided to slowly help the younger generation.
The head doctor sat down at the table.

– Well, let’s get acquainted, – she said, – My name is Vera Andreevna and I, as you understood, the most important thing here. real spy cam sex
– Nastya, Lena, Oksana, – the girls introduced themselves.
– What class are you in? – with a smile asked Vera Andreevna, – In the tenth or eleventh? – In the tenth, – answered Oksana.
– Probably it is better to immediately name the salary, – the head doctor decided and called the amount.
– Wow! – broke out from Nastya. real spy cam sex