smithers bc webcam Everything is in vain, and my fingers slide off into the holy of holies, unceremoniously pushing so beloved lips.
The next second, both of us are literally paralyzing.
I did not know then why you suddenly froze, and my heart almost jumped out of my chest because your panties were wet through.
My fingers slid on your lips, and there was something familiar in these sensations: they were about the same slippery and sticky after a good orgasm.

With both hands, I pull off your jeans with your panties and push your legs apart. smithers bc webcam
You try to shut yourself off with your hands crossed on your pussy, and you start to carry some sort of nonsense about you not washing, that you smell bad, and that “let me run to the shower first.”
You must have forgotten that it never stopped us with you, and from that your words arouse in me even greater suspicions.
I put your hands away and fall to the cherished lips.
They are filled with blood, like the ears of a caught bully, and literally glisten from the abundance of lubricant. smithers bc webcam