xnxx arab webcam On Friday evening, Lenka suddenly perked up.
Dragging from work, I found her in lace underwear in front of a mirror.
Looking overwhelmingly at the yellow markings on her body, she was just removing one bra, intending to put on another, thinner one, which left her breasts practically open.
It’s a pity that I don’t have a neckline, ”left my wife, and grinned, noticing my surprise.

Then she pulled on her black stockings and put on a short skirt – she looked like she did in a word.
going to the anniversary of the chief, now the former.
Where are you going? – I squeezed out and was surprised at my hoarse voice.
Go to Svetka.
She stuttered.
that can get me a job.
I did not know what to say.
To the neighbor she is going, as on a holiday? Or hopes to immediately go to get a job? To Azerbaijanis who have Svetka working ?! Wait.
You’re an accountant! And what – are you going to work in a tent?

Yes it is so far.
basting, – she walked to the kitchen with a fluttering gait and took a bottle of vodka from the refrigerator.
Yes wait! – I could not collect my thoughts.
Where are you going? Straight to her work? I’ll come to Vitka, I’ll clarify where she works – Lenka didn’t look into my eyes, diligently looking at her legs, pulled by depraved black stockings.
To Vitka ?.
– I stupidly looked at the bottle in her hand.
Cook soup for me! – she resolutely walked into the corridor, slightly hitting her shoulder.
After a few moments, I heard a muffled call in the next apartment.
Then, the door opened and closed.
To Vitka ?! And for his sake, I suppose, she was so dressed up! And she specifically chose the time when Sveta was at work, and that bull was at home.
Drinks, of course.
And she will bring him another bottle. xnxx arab webcam
In my head all this did not fit.
She didn’t think that what the scum had done last weekend was enough ?!

She went now to another scum – a neighbor.
He lives nearby – conveniently.
The worst thing was that I, having changed clothes, put on an apron, went to the kitchen and began to really make soup! I was peeling potatoes, while my wife was having fun in the next apartment! Saw vodka.
Fucked like the last whore.
It should be so insolent! She was in front of me, frankly, without embarrassment and not even trying to disguise somehow, went to fuck with a neighbor.
I can still understand women who have a secret lover – beautiful, gentle and passionate.
Giving a woman what her husband so often forgets – tenderness, affection, adoration.
But here !.
My wife, my beloved Lenuska in the brazen went to fuck to the nerd-neighbor! However, I thought, filling the soup with roasted carrots and onions, that Lenochka is no longer there – there is a whore who does not hesitate to gather in front of her husband’s lover.

Yes, again – if to the lover! Is it possible to call this beautiful word – from the root “love” – ??the coarse bull Vitka? With a heavy sigh, I turned off the gas under the pan.
I cooked soup, as I punished my wife.
And the more often I wield in the kitchen – the more frankly the adventures of my wife, whores.
It had to be clearly understood.
I understood that.
At three o’clock in the morning I woke up from the noise in the hallway.
With difficulty to open his eyes, he dragged into the corridor.
Lenka sat naked – huddled up in a ball and huddled in a corner under the mirror.
And now what? – already become habitual.
pain finally supplanted sleep.
Clothes taken away.
hit several times.
“She was sitting with dry, frightened eyes, like a trapped animal,” said that she would come tomorrow for clothes and not forget the bottle.
And if he is pleased, like me.
will give clothes.
So that Lenka did not see my tears, I silently turned and went to sleep.

At work, the aching head did not allow me to do anything useful for the company.
Tea, coffee and, in spite of this, continuous sleepiness.
In the evening, approaching the porch, I unexpectedly sat on a bench.
He sat and looked at the windows of the house opposite.
Such cozy, softly lit windows.
The whole house of family nests stuck to each other, where it is warm, cozy, where the wife is waiting for her husband from work, and not fucking with his alcoholic neighbor.
I didn’t want to go home.
Grandmothers looked at me, as it seemed, with interest and sympathy.
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