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These are the Marquis de Sade’s schizoid gardens or the Dr. jennycutey s bio and free webcam Freud clinic.
The upcoming execution of Tamara was not very embarrassed.
When Vadik first cracked his palm over her elastic buttock, she angrily raised her eyebrows, wanted to burst into thunder and lightning.

Vadik tediously began to explain that he was doing this not only for courage, in order to invigorate himself, but also in order to give her biting pleasure.
This excites not only the partner, but also the partner.
“How can you not know this?” Vadik started.
“Any eighth-grader knows that!” Tamara had been booted for a long time.
Partner, perhaps, it excites.
But she doubts that it excites the partner.
Subsequently, Tamara began to adequately respond to savory slaps on the soft spot.
“It really bites,” she said, “especially when you get sluggish and lose your rhythm.
“Once Vadik gave her an execution, accusing that she was cheating on his friend Seryozha.
Tamara justified: they say, the marriage is fictitious, and she has the right to dispose of her body at her own discretion.
Vadik claimed that Seryozha loves her, and she grieves him by his behavior.
– You are wrong! – Tamara did not agree.
– If he loved me, he would have confessed.

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Vadik insisted that he must punish her.
When Tamara realized that he was not joking, her eyes frowned.
Little face turned red.
Top sponge with black velvety mustaches trembled with resentment.
Vadik blames her for cheating on Serezha? Isn’t that funny? Vadik unjustly demanded punishment! He found a completely frivolous reason for this! But if desired, Vadik could cling to anything.
He was a tireless inventor.
He made Tamara become naked against the wall and put her hands on her.
“Feet shoulder-width apart!” – commanded Vadik.
And he laughed his heart out.
At first he spanked Tamara not much.
But gradually he got a taste, and the biting blows made by his palms became stronger and more resounding.
Tamara endured them stoically, emitting groans that only inspired Vadik.
At the same time, he managed to recite the lines from Federico-Garcia Lorca’s poem “The Invalid Wife”: And at midnight on the edge of the valley I took away someone else’s wife.
She was married, and she swore to me that she was innocent.
Frightened thighs were beating, Like trout caught.
Either by the gentle cold of the wind, That by white fire burned.
– Maybe that’s enough, huh? – Five minutes later, Tamara obstinate.
– Does it hurt you? – Vadik looked into her face.

“I don’t want more,” Tamara whined, still standing with her back to Vadik.
– And I want! – cried Vadik.
“I want your hips to beat like caught trout.”
– But I do not want! – capricious Tamara.
She bent her neck, trying to see over her shoulder the reddened buttocks in her wide-body wash.
– Toma, do not be distracted, – Vadik returned her head to its former position.
– You are capable of more.
Be patient! Abstracted! We continue.
And again her thighs trembled and burned with calculated and biting blows.
Tamara shuddered, threw her head up and down, then to the side, groaning, but did not ask for mercy.
A desperate cry flew out of her: “Oh, my dear husband!” If you saw what this monster does to me!
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