caught on security camera sex It was uncomfortable, but not painful.
“Very little is left,” Marina whispered.
The water continued to flow, and I began to feel uneasy – inside was very warm, tense, on the verge of pain.
There was a squish, and the flow stopped.

Marina rolled me onto my back and then back to my left side.

The water gurgled inside of me, and the expression on Marina’s face told me that she, too, hears this.
She pulled the phone out of me.
I felt that the water was looking for a way out and moved to the toilet.
– You feel good? Is that what you expected? – Marina asked when I returned.
– Better than I thought.
I was a little uncomfortable when I saw the bag filled to capacity, but everything went well.
“You’ve been hit hard.” caught on security camera sex
Are you sure everything is fine? – I, of course, swelled badly, but nothing hurt.
Ready to repeat? Marina again quickly filled the bag and straightened the towel.
I sank down on four bones for an ass in the air.
She inserted the phone all the way, making no comments.
The water was easy for a while, but soon it accumulated somewhere right under the ribs and took a little breath.

The pressure in the bottom was not felt, but bursting deep inside.
It was less convenient than the first time.
I wanted to stop, but Marina assured me that everything was almost done.
Shortly after she pulled out the tip, I again went to the toilet.
Then it came to the third procedure.
I lay there and watched the contents of the filled bag flow into my guts, I felt the increasing pressure and tension inside.
It was exciting and even scary, as my stomach was already noticeably swollen, while still a decent amount of water remained in the bag.
And while my cock tightly strained.
Marina was clearly intrigued by the way he was swinging between my legs in time with heartbeats.
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