free live room webcam It was creepy to do all this with me, but I was determined to get to the end.
In the morning I continued preparations.
In my room, from time immemorial, a hook was sticking out of the ceiling when we made repairs, but we could not pick it out and left it.
First of all – I pushed the bed (HEAVY, AN INFECTION !!!) under this hook.

Hanged on a hook chain, also found on the mezzanine.
Then she took a timer from the kitchen – a piece that can be started for a certain period of time and it will turn in the opposite direction during this interval.
I attached a tick-tick box to the turning part of the timer, put the key to the handcuffs in it. two teens naked on webcam
The key is tied to a thread, a little longer than the chain.
The design acted as follows: some handcuffs hung on a chain, I started a timer, the second handcuffs with my hands clicked on the first.
After a specified interval, the key fell into my hands, and I was released.
For fidelity, I checked the operation of this system, first 2 times just like that, and then 2 times on myself.
The key moment of my ideas was approaching.
I removed all the clothes except the bedspread.
She placed several pillows on the center.
She covered all the oilcloth, once the former curtain in the bathroom.
I put 2 liters of water in the bottle I had prepared in advance and hung the bottle on a clothes hanger.
She tied a knot on the hose, so that it was easy to untie with one hand.
Hung the first handcuffs on the chain.
Prepared a tip, second handcuffs, eye patch, gag, rich cream, a couple of napkins. free live room webcam