hidden cam anal A luxurious banquet was arranged.
There, he happened to be in the same room with Svetlana, to whom he had no special feelings.
Under the influence of alcohol, just by chance, having promised to marry, he spent the first night with her.
Further more.

Their meetings began to be regular.
Soon she became pregnant.
As a man of his word, he married her. crazy chloe webcam
Their marriage can not be called too happy, but you can not call it unhappy.
After her son, she bore him a daughter.
Children, flowers of life, firmly tied them together.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, when imported equipment rushed into Russia with an irrepressible river, and the computer became a common thing in everyday life and at work, he changed his work style, one of the first to master sophisticated technology and plunged into a new world. hidden cam anal