stesha and marco reallifecam sex So it was easier for her to hold the urine, moreover, these movements caused very pleasant sensations.
She was excited, and the desire to pee more departed from her, mixed with the warmth and tension in the lower abdomen.
Finally, the bus arrived at the desired stop.
However, getting up with a crowded bladder, exhausted ride in the back seat, was quite problematic.

Lisa somehow got up, the belt from her jeans pressed down on her tummy, and a slight moan escaped from her mouth.
Then, she somehow took control of the situation and gave a hand to her friend.
Anya got up, slightly holding her pussy with her hand (especially since Lisa was closing it from everyone), and the girls headed for the exit. webcam sex xvideos
Anya lived not far from the bus stop, only in some three to five minutes walk.
The bus drove off, and the girls, holding hands, began to walk in slow steps.
Suddenly, Anya stopped, and Liza followed her; she looked questioningly at her friend.
That, through a grimace of pain from a stretched bladder, said: “Let’s buy some more, eh?”
– No, An, perhaps, let’s first get to the house, – then thought, and added: – Yes, and I, nevertheless, are too tired today.
– Nuuu.
How do you know! However, at home we still have tea, if we have not previously described ourselves.
Hee hee hee! The girls, periodically squeezing the legs and clutching at the crotch, reached the entrance to Ani.
They climbed to the fourth floor, and while Anya opened the door, Lisa danced alongside, clutching the pussy with both hands.
Anya either searched for the keys for a long time, or she herself wanted to use the toilet so much that she got entangled in her own purse. stesha and marco reallifecam sex