webcam cougar “Yeah,” I muttered, suddenly feeling a cruel shame.
– And if it fell into mine.
little hole, would we have a baby? – Katka asked naively, as if she was once again becoming a little girl of nine.
“Perhaps,” I replied.

– Therefore, it is very dangerous! – And I still want! – Katya whispered suddenly, again clinging to me with elastic breasts.
– Come again! You pull again! – Katya, it is impossible! – I begged, although my member after these words of her rose again and hardened.
– Look, my penis is covered in sperm! If even a little drop gets you in.
in the vagina, you can pick up-change! – And if not in the vagina? – Sister suddenly flashed her eyes.
– BUT.
where? – I did not understand her immediately.
– In the ass, too, there is a hole.
– playfully, but obviously embarrassed, said Katka.
– Do you want?! – I was surprised.
– Do you remember Lariska from our class? – asked Katka.
– She told me not to get pregnant, her boyfriend always ends up in her ass, and Lariska always “flies” more abruptly than from the usual “fuck”.
– How do you know these words? – I said playfully, and he was already kneeling in front of his sister turned to me.

Katka again spread her legs to the sides, and I saw a wrinkled anus opening between small buttocks.
I led the head of the penis to this compressed hole and tried to push it inside.
But it was impossible to do.
there Katya everything was very dry and tense.
“I can’t,” I told my sister. webcam cougar
“Lariska said she smears cream there,” Katka said.
– Do you have a cream? – Only for tanning.
“I don’t think it will do,” I said, but then I remembered.
– We have vegetable oil! It was enough for me to reach out to get a bottle of sunflower oil from the table, with which we refilled the salad.
Having poured a bit of oil on my palm, I first rubbed his Katka between the buttocks, putting a finger right into the hole of the anus, and then spent a few more times on my own member.
Penis immediately for-glistened and, it seems, even more tense.
After this procedure, my dick penetrated my sister’s ass very easily.
True, the head entered first, with noticeable resistance from the Katka muscles, but as soon as it dived completely, everything else slipped instantly.

I no longer felt that wild excitement, as the first time when it seemed that the penis was now exploding from bursting with its blood and sperm; therefore, he moved inside Katka slowly, enjoying all the new sensations for me.
My right hand I stuck Katka between the legs in front and lightly stroked her “swollen” clit.
Katka moaned and sobbed.
Both of us already seemed to be reaching the “highest point”, when the gate suddenly creaked in the courtyard.
Sure steps headed to our shed.
I pulled out a member of Katkina’s ass with a squish.
But the orgasm has already begun, and it was impossible to stop it.
I pulled the foreskin on the head and squeezed it with my fingers, but the sperm gushed again so abundantly that it spattered both my hand and the sheet, and on the penis itself it smeared, flowing after the “cramps” from under the foreskin.
Katka, while I was struggling with the “fountain of passions,” managed to slip into her bed under a blanket, grabbing her panties from the floor.

I also pulled the blanket over myself with a clean left hand, and at that very moment the door of our “little shed” opened wide.
On the threshold stood a young woman.
Then it seemed to me that she was terribly adult, but in fact she was about 25 years old, not more.
Woman-on was terribly pretty, with a short, fashionable haircut, big blue eyes, slightly upturned nose, plump, beautifully contoured lips.
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