webcam teens creamy She sat down at the table across from him and looked at him.
– What are you talking about? – quietly asked Olga.
“In general, the fact is that I decided to make an offer to your daughter,” Alex said calmly.
Olga was silent for a while, then lowered her head, as if hiding something.

– You are sure about your words, you have not lived together yet, anything can happen – Olga said with anxiety in her voice.
– Olga Nikolaevna, you know that I work, I have my own house, I can provide it to everyone – Alex spoke positive words in his direction.
– Actually, I don’t mind, it’s your own business and I agree to give my daughter for you, I like you, and my Marinochka cannot have a better candidate – said Olga.
Olya got up and started messing with tea, Alex looked at her and he was tormented by one question for a long time.
– Can I ask you a question not modest? – Tio asked Alex.

Olya thought a little but then said.
– Ask your indiscreet question – Olya answered without a mood. my free cam sex com
– I have never seen your husband and father Marina, where is he now? – Alex asked carefully.
Olga sighed heavily, she did not expect him to ask exactly that.
– This is not a good story, I will say one thing, my father did not see Marina, and she also never saw him – Olga said severely.
She made tea and sat down again at the table, with her legs crossed.
“So you decided everything?” – Olga changed the subject.
“Yes, I am very determined,” Alex answered.
“I would advise you to wait a little more, to get to know her better, but I don’t want to dissuade you, I just give advice,” Olga said, sipping hot tea.
For another half an hour, they just sat and talked; Alexey began to get worried about Marina’s long absence.

He constantly asked where she was.
Finally, he could not stand it and dialed the desired number on the phone.
But there were only short beeps.
Olga saw how worried he was but could not help him.
– Listen, I think she will come soon, everything will be fine, and we will go for a walk at your wedding! – Olga said happily.
– It is very strange, the phone is not responding, if I do not reach you, I will go to the institute myself and find it – Alex began to worry.
Olga, after sitting for a few more minutes, got up and went to the sink to wash the dishes, finished, she turned to Alex and said: – I’m going to the bathroom, don’t worry, I’m sure she’s okay – she hugged the future son-in-law and went to the little one door leading to the bathroom.
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