webcams bc highways “Go,” Rita smiled.
Before peeing, I ran my hand over my penis several times.
Finished so violently that I thought I could not stand on my feet.
Sperm squirted somewhere far into the bushes and so powerfully and for a long time that I even closed my eyes from pleasure and barely restrained so as not to groan.

Finally a member calmed down and I managed to pee.

– What is so long? – asked Rita.
She was already in her pants and sat on a sweater collecting her hair in her usual tail.
– Wines blew a lot! – I answered, – and what are you going to? – No, we can spend an hour here.
Did you say you still have wine? – Yeah, right now, I’ll bring it.
I opened the second bottle, and we took a big sip.
– Did you like to do this? – asked Rita.
– You ask! You are so tasty. two teens strip on webcam
there, – we kissed.
A minute later, Rita said: – Andrew.
– What? – I hesitate to ask.
– Well, ask.
– Can you.
I have never seen a guy.
– Did not see what? – Are you a fool? – Rita pushed me.
– BUT! – I guessed – want to see? – My voice was shaking, and in my pants everything was already sticking out.

Rita nodded.
I took off my workout with my underpants.
My heart was beating like crazy, and a lump rolled up to my throat.
My cock rocked in the dark, like a little stick.
– Wow.
– Rita gasped, not looking off at my dick.
– So big! – Want to touch! Instead of answering, Rita hesitantly stretched out her palm and touched my dick.
Then she wrapped her hand more confidently and squeezed slightly.
– Hot and hard! She whispered.
We began to kiss.
I put my hand in the palm of Rita, the one with which she held my cock and began to slightly move her up and down.
She understood what I wanted and began to jerk herself to me.
Then she pulled away from my lips and began to closely monitor their movements.
A minute later I was on the verge of: “Oh, be careful,” I croaked.
– Why? – Rita asked in a whisper.
– Right now, cum! – I want to see!
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