best free adult cam chat Here, the final for the period of training shooting at a remote training ground; each flight was sudden, urgent, inimitable.
The military knows that when the task is set, it should have been completed already yesterday.
In these crazy days, Lyokha and I lost each other.
In the rare moments of silence and rest, I longed for the moments of our love and passion in my head.

Before my eyes were pictures of the naked, writhing beneath me Lehi.

His moans, squeals and hoarse whispers stood in his ears, which shuddered, recalling the sweet Lyoshkina biting and kissing.
From the sweet desire of a member of the poured fire, breathing stopped.
And only frenzied work every day helped not to go crazy.
When the company company urgently summoned me, I did not expect anything good. caught on webcam masturbating
However, he immediately emerged from the corner of Lech.
I already gritted my teeth from the desire to grab and immediately fuck a loved one.
Terrible roar of the commander brought to his senses: – So, the chauffeur-professionals.
Tomorrow in the morning you will take the gun from the artillery division to Bald Hill.

The elders will be the chief of artillery and the division.
They always have problems with cars, gods of war are freaking.
There, they will provide the salute noise.
Then at night you will return to the park of the artillery division, by the morning you will spend the night in the cars.
In the morning will come the boss of the warehouse, hand over her guns.
All clear?! – the briefing was brief, but pleasant.
A whole night with Lyokha in a guarded and deserted art park: this is a gift of fate.
Trying not to squeal with delight in anticipation of a stormy night, we shouted: “Yes, exactly!” But, for now, work on the same tasks.
By night today, do everything, report in the morning, and go.
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