cams sexy tube You understand how this name was pronounced.
But Gesha was a full namesake (by name, and by name), with the hero of the movie “The Diamond Hand”.
But you never know what names and surnames are! I knew a venerable man named Iov Abramovich.
The young girls in the department called him, of course, Eb Abramych.

So, the holiday of March 8 came, and on duty, Gena stayed just on the night of this joyful holiday with the highly experienced Zoya (Zaya) and the new Sonia (nicknamed Cellophane).
That is, suspected, judging by the nickname, that she was tselka! It’s in a medical facility! Shame and shame! All the staff of the department of proctology (where our hero worked) put in front of Gena, as a young, budding specialist, the task: to deprive Cellophane of unnecessary for a modern girl illusions.
And Zaya, as the plenipotentiary of the labor collective, was to testify the fact of deprivation.
By the way, about the name of the department.
You know, dear readers, that people usually call a specialist doctor more familiar, in Russian.
For example, an ophthalmologist is called an ophthalmologist, an otolaryngologist is called an ear (exactly, and not a throat, or a nosepiece).
The gynecologist, as you know, is called a gynecologist, although it would follow the logic of ### Dyuk.

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The proctologist, the stump is clear, it is a zhopnik (not popnik, or aspirator, or berist, namely, zhopnik!).
Thus, the proctologic hospital is called the zhopna, and the proctology department, in turn, is called the zhopna.
But do not think that doctors and nurses, given their specialization, love only anal sex! They, like all normal, dear (and not too) Russians, like traditional sex, oral, anal, and in the armpit, and in the palm, and in the popliteal fold! When evening came, the nurse was left alone with his lovely heart nurses.
Patients do not count.
Well, they are:, that is, given the specialization of the department, well, they are in the ass! Gene climbed to each of the girlfriends under the robes and, to his deep indignation, he discovered that they were still, despite the twilight gathering outside the window, in their underpants! – That’s what, girls! God is your judge.
You can wear a mask to protect against the new flu, but panties are too much.
We go to the dressing room, I’ll take it off with your underwear.
Do not freeze, now even in the corridors warm.
The girls willingly submitted.
To tell the truth, the hospital was really extremely hot, so the intimate places of the ladies began to wear pants (I beg your pardon, dear readers!

If you take food while reading this text, then do not pay attention to small details).
Gene took off both panties and bras (there was still nothing under the bathrobes), folded them in a bag and left them in the dressing room.
Buttoning up the dressing gowns, the girls went around the wards.
Gena – with them.
We decided to do it, to whom it is necessary, to give injections, to put enemas, to control the medication, to suggest to measure temperature, pressure.
Of course, in the middle of the night they could turn, but this rarely happened.
So, although it was said that in the ass of patients, but not quite.
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