granny webcam tube But the highlight of the washing kingdom was the pool !!! Although he was not big – only 3 by 4 meters, but it was located in a separate half-room, where you could get straight from the washing room.
Yes, and the depth was sufficient, so that with pleasure they would flop a body steamed after a steamy room into cool water bliss.
Showing the first floor, Natalya dragged her friend up the stairs to the top, to the second floor.
The recreation area of ??the 2nd floor consisted of a semi-oval corridor with a balcony and three rooms.

– Choose where to look at the beginning! – Slyly smiled friend Natalia.
– Well I do not know.
Let’s go in order – from left to right.
– Still confusedly said Katerina.
The first two rooms were about the same – though not large (about 12–15 squares), but bright and roomy, each with its own fireplace in the interior with a living fire, a sofa bed and a standard cupboard table, due for rooms of such rank.

But the third room is EXTREMELY DIFFERENT from its fellow rooms in both size and content.
“Those rooms are simple, for rest both my guests and visiting friends of my parents,” said Natalia.
– But this room is PERSONALLY MY !!! And NO ONE WHO DARE TO ENTER INTO WITHOUT MY CONSENT !!! But I’ll show it to you this hour.
Only you do not be frightened and do not be embarrassed by the fact that it will be incomprehensible to you, then I will tell you everything and show you, it’s just that there is no time now – you need to finish all the preparations with you, and you want to eat something.
Having said this, Natalya took the cherished key out of a secret place in the corridor and unlocked the door of her personalities.
– Come in, friend.
– Natalia said, gently but persistently shoving Katerina into her room.
The room really was in contrast and in size (two times more than those two) and, most importantly, it differed in its internal content.

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It was simply flooded with daylight streaming from a wide panoramic window, which, if desired, could be quickly curtained with heavy velvet curtains.
Included with the panoramic window was a wide door leading to a covered balcony-terrace.
The far left corner was occupied by a huge corner bed, made to order, with a semicircular front and a beautiful canopy, embroidered with all sorts of patterns, in front of her was a beautiful wide fireplace with an open firebox for a live fire.
On the floor, under the bed, lay the enormous skin of a real polar bear with a head and clawed paws, as if casually thrown at the feet of its mistress.
The light ensemble in the room consisted of a beautiful ceiling chandelier and a variety of side wall shades of different caliber, which in light contributed to the creation of numerous light filling modes – of any power and of any mood.
Just like in any ladies’ room, there was a large wardrobe, table, trellis and other trifles.

But all of it was not simple – sovdepovskaya, but from real wood with beautiful carvings.
All this, like mayonnaise in a salad, complemented a set of expensive household appliances (panoramic TV, home theater and a chic music center).
This furniture and household ensemble looked so beautiful and rich that consciously and subconsciously disposed to relaxation and bliss of both Soul and Body, and very eloquently hinted at possible corporal debauchery.
But the most intriguing component of this room was a complex of structures that were not understandable for a simple man in the street, which are clearly not household furniture.
In this “furniture set” there were several components, and the central place in this mystery was behind an incomprehensible structure consisting of broad, high (almost to the very ceiling) roughly planed planes of dark obnoxious wood, crossed crosswise.

In this so-called “cross,” many brackets, hooks and pendants were screwed in, the purpose of which, like the very purpose of this “cross,” was unknown to Katerina.
Nearby was an even more incomprehensible construction consisting of a couch and bolted in its headboard with some kind of transverse block with three holes, similar to a museum rarity of times of inquisition.
Also in the corner was hung a swing, but not like a nursery – with straps and eyelets.
From the side there was a small frame construction with some sort of short couch and a number of crossbars – “Probably it is a sports simulator for inflating the press or stretching the legs and arms.
– thought Katerina.
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