hamster free webcam Once, the USC (Airsoft Society) organized a big game near St. webcam live stream porn Petersburg, in Orekhovo, and it was called Nut Fortress.
This is actually a prelude, and now the story itself.
We arrived in Orekhovo, by about 18 o’clock.
There was nothing special to do, so by expanding the camp, we just talked to people from other teams.

About two hours later, the general construction finally occurred, where we learned about minor changes in the scenario.
The game began at 23:00, our group of 60 people moved in the direction of the supposed capital of the enemy.
After wandering through the forest without having found the enemy, we finally made a halt, and decided to wait for reconnaissance data from at least one of the three reconnaissance groups.
There I met a girl from some other allied team.
And it happened so.
I sat by the tree on the ground, pressed my back to it, and looked up, through the leaves, at the clear starry sky.

Suddenly, someone came up to me, even though everyone had their own around, but I instinctively put my finger on the trigger of my weapon.
And I looked in a groan, even though the darkness was such that at least pitch out my eyes, but from the shape of the figure, I realized that a girl was approaching me.
The tension somehow went away.
– Hello, sit down, there is no truth in the legs – I said, not to start a conversation, but just to not step on me.
“Oh, I thought there was no one here,” she said, and sat down next to mine.
– What is your name and what team are you from. nad1n bongacams
And you.
– And my name is Karina, and I am not in any team I was assigned to my one friend, I do not remember the call sign and how the team is called, but his name is Artem.
– It is clear, and you play a lot – now I decided to support the conversation.
“No,” she answered, “so, sometimes I travel.”
I immediately liked her voice, so gentle and melodious, I could listen to it for hours.

So we chatted about any nonsense, about music, about cinema, about studying.
But a few hours later, the commander, finally receiving information about the location of the enemy, ordered the ascent.
As soon as we moved, I immediately lost Karina, she told me that she wasn’t even registered on the airsoft website, and I thought that I’d probably not see her anymore, so something on this, our acquaintance could end.
But I did not know how wrong I was then.
Having walked from a kilometer, we came to the place where the first contact with the enemy was supposed to be, these were old sewage treatment plants, but it turned out that someone had time to clear them before our arrival.
Offended, we moved to the very fortress nut.
And here we are approaching the building from the east and north sides.
Less than 50 meters remains to the walls, the commander commands the attack, we rush headlong through the bushes, when suddenly, when half the distance was covered, we were barrage of fire from all the windows and slots, a huge searchlight was turned on on the roof of those who didn’t have time to go die and offended go to rest.

There are less and less of us, I am crawling on my belly to the nearest entrance, dying down every time a ray of light passes through my back, and so unnoticed I was almost there.
Suddenly I see that some fighter from ours is trying to run to the same entrance, at the same time I see a formidable barrel of enemy weapons rising in the window.
For a fraction of a second, I jump up and, throwing myself to the side, knock the madman off his feet, we fall behind a small mound and a flurry of tracers rushes over our heads.
– What a horror, I would not like to teach such a queue in the face – said saved me and I immediately recognized the gentle voice of Karina.
– Fuck – I will blur with surprise, – I did not expect to meet you again, so soon.
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